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Bruderschaft is an electronic music artist's collective led by New York City based DJ Rexx Arkana. Conceived as a charity project focused on cancer research and treatment in the wake of Arkana's father's death from the disease, Bruderschaft brought together a large number of artists from the underground electronic music scene for the production of the band's first single, "Forever": the collaboration of;-

Released by RazorBurn Records, in European partnership with Alfa-Matrix in 2003, the "Forever" EP (also available in a 2-Disc Limited Edition) featured a large list of remixers, including;-

Forever on You Tube


In keeping with the founding concept behind the project, all net profits from the global sales of the CD were augmented by the proceeds of local release parties in cities around the world, raising nearly $50,000 for charity.

More Releases

In 2005, Bruderschaft was reputedly working on "Return", the band's second release which did not materialize. On the title track, the second incarnation of the group was to feature the programming talents of returning contributor Sebastian Komor, newcomer Johann Sebastian (State of the Union - composer); new vocalist Tom Shear (Assemblage 23); and lyricist Rexx Arkana (FGFC820).

A second new original from the band, "Trigger", features music written by Arkana and "Forever" remixer/FGFC820 member Dräcos and System Syn founder/vocalist Clint Carney. On January 21, 2009, it was revealed that the song would be released as part of an EP.

This means, that, although Bruderschaft have achieved a lot, their official releases are;-

1) Forever (2003)

Bruderschaft 1.jpg

2) Return (2013)

Bruderschaft 2.jpg


The band performed at the 2011 Kinetik Festival with unreleased material. As of May 30, 2011, no further information on the album has been released.

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