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Info and Intro

They are made up of;-
Frontman Salva Maine
Josua at the programming and Distortiongirl as live keyboardist.
They were formed in 1992 out of Malaga, Southern Spain, evolving a sound, along the lines of Electronic Body Music with distorted voices, crossing with an Electro feel and some driving rhythms, as well as melodic synths and meaningful lyrics.

After they signed with Out of Line in 1999 they have supported the Mexican band Hocico on their Tierra Electrica '99 Tour, played in mayor festivals as WGT, M'era Luna, Infest & Eurorock, performing gigs in USA, Mexico and Canada, and included on dozens of songs in different compilations.

Their EP "DNA Slaves" reached number 10 in the DAC charts (German alternative charts), and their second album, Revenge, contains hits that have been spun all over the world, becoming an Alternative club classic.

The band has released in June 2005 a new album called Reborn, which has received excellent reviews from the press and also reached position 3 at the DAC charts.

The 2010 album 'Spirit' represents the perfect mix between hard melodies, club oriented rhythms, and dark lyrics.

There is more in their work apart from danceable tracks that have made this band popular. Its heavy beats, catchy choruses, real life topics, and vital attitude make them a band that represents the present of underground Electropop.


Albums List

1) Bump! CD (Microscopic, 1998)

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2) Reflex CD (Out Of Line, 1999)

Culture Kultur 2.jpg

3) Revenge CD (Out Of Line, 2001)

Culture Kultur 3.jpg

4) Reborn CD (Out Of Line, 2005)

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5) Spirit CD (Caustic Records, 2010)

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EPs List

  1. Bass...Can You Hear Me? (1992)
  2. F.T.W. EP (1993)
  3. Spike (Microscopic, 1996)
  4. Rev.-Time EP (Microscopic, 1996)
  5. Default (Microscopic, 1997)
  6. Aftermath (Microscopic, 1998)
  7. Manifesto EP (Out Of Line, 1999)
  8. DNA Slaves EP (Out Of Line, 1999)
  9. Combat EP (Out Of Line, 2002)

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