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Early 80’s, started out on the mobile DJ circuit and became one of the first Djs on the mobile/party circuit, to look at more music options than just the current top 40 as well as becoming resident in many regular events.

1984, took on his first event as promoter, this was in Hampton Court, it was a basement of a hotel and was £1 entry. This was a massive mix of all sorts of music, from New Wave, to Party Pop music, to Rock, to all sorts of varying styles.

Late 80's, became involved in huge student parties in and around London and the South East. Which became a combination of original Rave, original Indie and Rock.


1990, kicked off his 2nd regular event, Fright Nite, this ran around the Staines area, just west of London, on a Wednesday evening for 25 years.

1991, teamed up with the Radio One DJ Bruno Brooks for his ‘Indie Wave Tour’ This took in many clubs from Romford to Reading, including the Agincourt in Camberley, Hollywoods in Romford, The After Dark in Reading, the Electric Ballroom in Camden as well as many more.

1992 started to Dj in the now legendary Full Tilt at Camden’s Electric Ballroom, as well as carrying on with the other clubs all around. Full Tilt was an amazing collection of Gothic, Techno, Industrial, Trance, Rock and Punk, Rex would like to thank Brad for this time.

Front Doors of the Ballroom

Electric Ballroom fron door.jpeg

Full Tilt Logo


1993/1994 Released his 1st and only ever 12" Single under the artist name Chameleondream, reviewed in Kerrang magazine as the worst record of all time, something he was very proud of, the single featured 5 different re-workings of the track "Open Your Eyes" click this link for the Dub Sync Mix and click here to listen to the much harder TFR Mix

1993 to 2004 took over as headline Dj for Full Tilt at the Electric Ballroom.

Classic Full Tilt Poster

Full tilt poster.jpeg

1994 to 2000 played as one of the main Djs at Slimelight, worked every floor, was the only Dj to play all 3 floors in one nite, that was New Years Eve 1998

1995 to 2000 was responsible for the first alternative music based club compilation album out on general release: 'The Electric Ballroom Presents: Full Tilt volume 1 and the subsequent release of two further volumes. This involved track sourcing, dealing with record labels, the press and putting the running order together. The albums featured many great artists, from Breed 77, to Moby, to the Aphrodite, to the Buzzcocks, to Pop Will Eat Itself, to London After Midnight

below is the cover art from the 3 Full Tilt albums

Vol 1

FT Vol 1.jpeg

Vol 2

Full tilt vol 2.jpeg

Vol 3

Full tilt vol 3 .jpeg

During the 90’s, Rex started many UK club events, including, Synthetic Culture © in 1997, as well as many others in and around london.

Below is the 1st ever Synthetic Culture © flyer from 1997;-
Synthetic Culture !st Flyer.jpeg

1997 Rex remixed Global Noise Attack for the Full Tilt vol 1 compilation, in conjunction with Paul Cutts. This was the Self Pity (No Noise mix). Rex's 1st ever remix, Check it out here

1997 Was the producer on an album for a band called Guilt Trip.

1998, started on an international career by playing in Athens and Thessalonica, as well as Tel A Viv.

below is the poster from Rex's 1st trip to Greece and only trip to Thessaloniki
Rex greece trip one.JPG

1998 Worked with Scottish act Nervosa and released a remix of "II the Master" called "Servant II the master", this reworking was put together between Rex and Jon Klein, of Siouxsie & the Banshees and Specimen Fame check it out

1998 Released an album under the Synthetic Culture name, co written with Raye Caluori of Leechwoman fame

Synthetic Culture album artwork;-

Synthetic Culture Album.jpeg

1998 to 2001 many trips to Dj in N.Y.C, these included the now sadly missed Click and Drag at Mother, Zenwarp at the Limelight and so many visits to the Bat Cave that Dj Ian Fford gave him the privilage of being the only UK dj with permission to credit the name,

1999, July 10th Rex was the on stage Dj at Big Day out in Milton Keynes Bowl, Djing to sold out day long festival, headlined by Marilyn Manson and Metallica, and got to share a stage with this incredible line up below;-


1999 Remixed Jahazralah from Nephilim spin off act Sensorium for Full Tlt vol 2. have a listen

1999 to 2000 included trips to Dj in Los Angeles, where he found himself in Stigmata, Nocturnaland Perversion, in fact one weekend Djed the Ballroom in Camden in London on the Friday nite and Hollywood, L.A. on the Saturday nite.

Below is the first two USA flyers to feature his name;-

Rex click n drag.jpg
Rex la.jpg


Early 2000s Late 1990s he also gained a lot of underground press attention:-

2000, Rex was partly responsible for promoting Slimelight in NYC, as well as Djing this event.

Slimelight NYC view from the decks.jpeg
The above photo features Mother Tink Sabretooth from the Cyber Kidz Made on Marz in a view from the decks at Slimelight New York City

2000 remixed "The Whip" by MaxDmyz.

2000 and 2001 was a guest Dj at a club in Madrid

Madrid Rex.JPG
Dj Rex, on the decks in Madrid

2001 Remixed and produced No Human Words for New York underground superstar St Eve. This was the first remix under the heading of Turbulent Soundscape wanna listen

2001 Rex did some more work with St Eve, this time as producer and in a studio in NYC, the track, that was released on a Cleopatra Compilation, was a reworking of She's Your Cocain, originally by Tori Amos.

2001 2 tracks for the Full Tilt 3 compilation album, the first being a remix of Figure Of Eight from kill II This with Olly B, the 2nd being the 1st ever Turbulent Soundscape release on the same compilation. Infinite Loop the first release where Rex teamed up with Olly B

2001 Appeared in NYC in a battle of the Djs with Rexx Arkana, playing the main set in the Geiger room at the classic venue "the Limelight" billed as Rexx vs Rex, flyer below;-


2002 found Vienna added to the list, as well as Full Tilt in Dublin

2002 re launched Synthetic Culture © in Gossips in Soho, that version ran for a year and a half. Flyer below.

below is the flyer from the 2nd incarnation of Synthetic Culture ©
Synthetic Culture Gossips flyer.jpeg

2002 Metal Hammer voted Full Tilt (where he was the headline Dj), as "Club Night of 2002"

12804715 10154232851441996 1572399937489354003 n.jpg

2002-2004 Turbulent Soundscape, Rex wrote and recorded the Turbulent Soundscape project, a project that started with Olly B and grew from studio based Techno and Trance project into a full blown live band.

March 2004 saw the end of Full Tilt and had 3500 people trying to cram themselves into the 1100 capacity club that is the Ballroom, truly a nite that many people will remember.

Dj Rex 3 2.jpeg

2004, He became a resident dj at a whole Host of UK clubs, the Purple Turtle in Reading and Camden, the Tap and Tin a great club in Kent, the sorely missed Havok in Guildford, as well as being a guest Dj at various clubs and events, these included the Metal Hammer award winner Schism in Woking.

2004 started the 3rd incarnation of Synthetic Culture, ©, as well as leading on to kicking off a few more club events in the following years, including Drop Zone in Reading (later moving to Brighton), Oblivion at the Agincourt, later moving to Guildford,

2006, the return to the international stage with a visit to Dj at Domination at QXT's in New Jersey

Dj rex.jpeg

2007 a full tour of the USA, taking in NYC, DC, Houston, Georgia, Main, LA, (where Rex got to work with Mother Tink Sabretooth of the Cyber Kidz Made on Marz). The biggest events on this tour were the Skin Two Ball in Atlanta and Smack in NYC, at the Skin Two ball in Atlanta, Rex got to work with Dj Spider

2007 a shorter tour of the USA later in that year.

2008 a return to Dj The Underworld in Athens

11187127 10153334520031667 4848336721606809124 o.jpg
Above photo is Rex's poster from that trip

2008 A 3rd tour of the USA, this time the North East corridor

2008 Feb another tour of the North East corridor of the USA.

Dj Rex 2 2.jpeg

Feb 2009 his band Turbulent Soundscape released an album in the USA on DC label Radio Active

March 2009 yet another USA Dj tour.

Midnight DC TS poster.jpeg

May 2009 Back to the USA for a mini tour and back to Athens to Dj at Second Skin, where Rex had the pleasure of working with Dj George Fakinos

below is Rex with the poster from that trip to Athens
Rex athens 2009.jpg

Aug 2009 A return to Tel Aviv after a decade since the last trip, this time to Dj at Massacre

Sept 19th 2009 A return to Athens to Dj at Second Skin


Jan 2010 Launched Phoenix Music Promotions and folded the promotions title of Turbulent Soundscape

2010 onwards saw many clubs and gigs under the heading of Phoenix Music Promotions. During this Rex found himself working as booking agent, sound engineer, promoter, security and every other management job involved in the entertainments industry.

Mar 2010 Another USA North East Dj tour

NYC Poster from that tour
Stimulate rex poster.jpg

June 2010, opened his own tattoo shop, Eccentric Ink, which ran for a year and a half, before the gigs and clubs became too busy, so it was decided to close.

Eccentric Ink Logo

Eccentric ink.jpeg

2011, worked with a number of bands under that Phoenix Music Promotions banner, he worked as agent, sound engineer, promoter and gig manager, during this year he worked with around 500 bands.

August 2011, created Mondays at the Purple Turtle. This is a student event mixing, Retro with New Rock, Indie, Dub Step, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, 50’s Rock n Roll, 60’s Rock, 90s Dance, and some other things that find their way into the mix. This has now caused his 3rd and 4th biggest crowds to date.

May 2012 another trip back to Dj Athens, this time at the Skull Bar.

11187127 10153334520031667 4848336721606809124 o.jpg
The above picture is Rex's poster from that trip

October 2012 Joined Californian act Bella Lune for their London premier.

End of 2012 this has marked 25 years of Rex being a full time Dj, still keeping with as well as influencing changing trends, still entertaining the new breed of clubbers, still working with all ages and still on the cutting edge!!

Start of 2013 Was one of the people involved in the launching of Altopedia that doesn't need any explanation, you're here!!

April 2013 Launched a one off reincarnation of Synthetic Culture featuring Rob Holliday (Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Gary Numan and Sulpher).

2014 Teamed up with the epic Dj Stevie C to create a small, but fun night, in North London - Retro Reprobates @ Caipirinha Jazz Bar, (3rd Saturday each month)

2015 Became the resident Dj for The Purple Turtle in Reading, he can be found there on Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays, playing a mixture of many contemporary and retro styles of music.


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