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Full name "Alfred Éric Leslie Satie" born 17th of May 1866 in Paris and lived til 1st of July 1925. He was a French composer, as well as pianist, and writer, who has been seen as an influence on all sorts of music from, Classical to Ambient, to Minimalist to Industrial and Gothic.

Over the years, Erik Satie was described as an influence on and a creator of such movements and styles as impressionism, Neo-Classicism, Dada, Surrealism, Conceptual Art, Minimalist, and Ambient. He also laid down the foundations for, such things as "prepared piano and music-to-film synchronisation". Satie was even one of the first ever musicians to appear in a cameo roll in a film, this was the 1924 movie "Entr’acte" by the French filmmaker "René Clair".

Satie seems to have been involved in half of the Avant-Garde movements of the 1900s. He has been connected to Tristan Tzara, the rebel and the genius of the Dada movement. Satie also got to know the other Dadaists, for example the "Francis Picabia" (later to become a Surrealist), "André Derain", "Marcel Duchamp" and "Man Ray". He even contributed to the Dadaist publication 391.

Satie is today respected as a key modernist composer. As well as being an influence on such contemporaries as "Claude Debussy", who orchestrated some of Satie's piano works, another that Satie is considered an influence upon os "Maurice Ravel", who has a tendency towards simplicity and repetition.