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A Dj and producer who has worked with a wide range of genres, from various forms of Electronic Dance Music, including House, Techno, Big Beat, Alternative Dance, Synthpop, and Electroclash.


Born Felix Stallings Jr., August the 25th, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois, is an American DJ and record producer, best known for House and Electroclash.

He is regarded as a member of the second wave of Chicago House and has produced an eclectic sound, from resolute Acid House and Techno to Avant-Garde to Nu Disco.

He has gained fame not only via his recordings (under a number of aliases), including Mezcalateer, Thee Maddkatt Courtship, Aphrohead and Sharkimaxx, but also for his ownership of Radikal Fear Records.

Albums List

1) 1995 Metropolis Present Day? Thee Album!

2) 1999 I Know Electrikboy (as Maddkatt Courtship III)

3) 2001 Kittenz and Thee Glitz

4) 2002 Rocketmann! (as Rocketmann!)

5) 2004 Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever

6) 2007 Virgo Blaktro and the Movie Disco

7) 2009 He Was King

8) 2011 Son of Analogue

9) 2013 Sinner Winner / Give Me Body

10) 2013 I Just Want To Be A Lesbian

11) 2015 Narrative Of Thee Blast Illusion

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