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Info and Intro

One of the original electroclash acts, they are a duo and performance troupe formed out of New York City in 1998.

Their name is a combination of the founders' last names, "Warren Fischer" and "Casey Spooner".

A lot of their influence seems to come from various retro electropop artists, like Kraftwerk, early days Pet Shop Boys, and Gary Numan, but they do take a modern approach to their programming.

Album List

1) Bootleg (self-titled, with PS1 Cover Artwork) (1998)

2) Fischerspooner (2000) – "For Those Who Know" release

3) Best Album Ever, "International DJ Gigolos" release in 2001, Ministry of Sound release in 2002, Capitol Records reissue with DVD in 2003

4) Odyssey (2005)

5) Entertainment (2009)

Members Name Check

  • Warren Fischer – composer
  • Casey Spooner – songwriter/vocalist
  • Sam Kearney – guitar
  • Peanuts, aka Jeremiah Clancy – attendant to Casey/actor
  • Adam Crystal - keyboards
  • Cindy Greene – vocals
  • Lizzy Yoder – vocals
  • Ian Pai – musical director/drums
  • Vanessa Walters – choreographer/dancer
  • Stephanie Dixon – dancer

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