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Funk is an American style of music that grew out of the late 1960s when the African American musicians blended Soul, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues into a rhythmic, danceable new form of music.

Funk puts more importance on the rhythm than the melody and harmony, emphasised by electric bass guitar and driving drum lines.

In the same way as much African-inspired music, funk makes use of complex grooves and distinctive rhythm instruments, all playing interlocking rhythms.

Funk bands sometimes make use of a horn section, which can include saxophones, trumpets, and in some cases, a trombone, which plays rhythmic “hits” or “stabs”.

A number of the better known funk acts can also be included in the Disco and Soul genres, in actual fact, funk was a huge influence on the world of Disco, and funk samples could be heard in most styles of House as well as a number of Hip Hop tracks.