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A style of music, with the raw feel of Rock n Roll that grew out of the USA and Canada during the mid '60s.

When it kicked off, Garage Rock had no specific title, and was not recognised as its own separate genre, but then the 1972 compilation album "Nuggets" went a long was towards defining the style.

Nuggets Volume 1 Cover.jpg

Nuggets Track Listing

Side One

  1. The Electric Prunes: "I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)" (Annette Tucker, Nancie Mantz) – 3:02
  2. The Standells: "Dirty Water" (Ed Cobb) – 2:50
  3. The Strangeloves: "Night Time" (Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Richard Gottehrer)– 2:35
  4. The Knickerbockers: "Lies" (Beau Charles, Buddy Randell) – 2:46
  5. The Vagrants: "Respect" (Otis Redding) – 2:17
  6. Mouse: "A Public Execution" (Knox Henderson, Ronnie Weiss) – 3:02
  7. The Blues Project: "No Time Like the Right Time" (Al Kooper) – 2:49

Side Two

  1. The Shadows of Knight: "Oh Yeah" (Ellas McDaniel) – 2:51
  2. The Seeds: "Pushin' Too Hard" (Richard Marsh) – 2:39
  3. The Barbarians: "Moulty" (Barbara Baer, Douglas Morris, Eliot Greenberg, Robert Schwartz) – 2:37
  4. The Remains: "Don't Look Back" (William McCord) – 2:45
  5. The Magicians: "An Invitation to Cry" (Alan Gordon, James Woods) – 2:59
  6. The Castaways: "Liar, Liar" (Dennis Craswell, Jim Donna) – 1:56
  7. The 13th Floor Elevators: "You're Gonna Miss Me" (Roky Erickson) – 2:31

Side Three

  1. Count Five: "Psychotic Reaction" (Craig Atkinson, John Byrne, John Michalski, Kenn Ellner, Roy Chaney) – 3:09
  2. The Leaves: "Hey Joe" (Billy Roberts) – 2:53
  3. Michael and the Messengers: "Romeo & Juliet" (Bob Hamilton, Fred Gorman) – 2:02
  4. The Cryan' Shames: "Sugar and Spice" (Fred Nightingale) – 2:33
  5. The Amboy Dukes: "Baby Please Don't Go" (Big Joe Williams) – 5:41
  6. Blues Magoos: "Tobacco Road" (John D. Loudermilk) – 4:44

Side Four

  1. The Chocolate Watchband: "Let's Talk About Girls" (Manny Freiser) – 2:45
  2. The Mojo Men: "Sit Down, I Think I Love You" (Stephen Stills) – 2:25
  3. The Third Rail: "Run, Run, Run" (Arthur Resnick, Joey Levine, Kris Resnick) – 1:57
  4. Sagittarius: "My World Fell Down" (Geoff Stephens, John Shakespeare) – 3:52
  5. Nazz: "Open My Eyes" (Todd Rundgren) – 2:47
  6. The Premiers: "Farmer John" (Dewey Terry, Don Harris) – 2:29
  7. The Magic Mushrooms: "It's-a-Happening" (David Rice, Sonny Casella) – 2:47

The Name, The Style & Influence

The term Garage Rock, derives from the perception that many groups were young amateurs who often rehearsed in a family garage, and was often used in a derogative manor, even though it provided a lot of creativity from young musicians endeavouring to go against the grain.

In some ways this style was also a precursor to Psychedelic Rock, with its aggressive and unsophisticated style, lyrics, attitudes, and delivery, often it would make use of guitars distorted through a fuzzbox, something which was also heard within Psychedelic Rock.

The beat sounds of Mod music, which characteristic of the "British Invasion" of the mid '60s motivated a number of such bands in the USA and Canada during that era, many churned out regional hits and a handful had national chart success.

By the late 60s, this style of records had largely disappeared from the national charts and the style was in declined as more "sophisticated" forms of Rock were developing.

During the start of the '70s, some music critics had began to refer to this style as Punk Rock, and it become the first form of music to bear this title, sometimes it was even referred to as "Garage Punk", Protopunk or 60s Punk, partly to distinguish it from the Punk of the mid and late 1970s.

Some Artists

Various musicians who were either part of kick starting this genre, or helped towards a later days revival.


? & the Mysterians

13th Floor Elevators


Arctic Monkeys

The Barbarians

The Black Keys

Blue Cheer

The Bobby Fuller Four

The Byrds

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Chambers Brothers

The Chocolate Watchband

The Cramps


The Easybeats

The Electric Prunes

Flamin' Groovies

The Golliwogs

Iggy Pop

Jack White

Jimi Hendrix


The Kingsmen

The Kinks

The Knickerbockers

The Leaves

Link Wray

Lou Reed


The Monks

The Music Machine


Neil Young & Crazy Horse

New York Dolls

Paul Revere and The Raiders

The Pixies

The Pretty Things

The Ramones


Sam the Sham

The Seeds

The Small Faces

The Smashing Pumpkins

The Sonics


The Stooges

Strawberry Alarm Clock


The Tornados

The Trashmen

The Troggs


The Velvet Underground


The White Stripes

The Who

Wooly Bully