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The combined skills of Mike Wood on Vocals, Chris Burgess on Guitar & Vocals, Matt Priddle on Bass and Tom Priddle providing Drums, are collectively known as Heinous Pianist, together they combine influences ranging from metal to punk and blues to grunge and this combination creates an original infusion and a dynamic sound.


First there was darkness. a time of nothingness. a world without music, then out of the primordial ooze came a man, but no ordinary man, he possessed the ability to make music of orgasmic proportions but sadly in days of old he was not appreciated, he was before his time. To make ends meet he was forced to work in hotel lobbies, for pitance. One day, finally fed up with playing endless lift music.


'Funnily enough there's not a piano in sight during the gutter-grunge, 80s-rock bellowings of Heinous Pianist's solo-heavy thumps of gloriously OTT rock and roll.' (spoonfed.co.uk)

Band interests

Gigs, Rock, Beer, Cheese, Badgers, Loud Noises!!

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