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The basics

To embed a video you need have the video hosted on an external video site (such as YoutTube) and you need to know the ID of the video.

Once you have these details, all you need to do is put {{#ev:YourServiceName|VideoID}} into your page, where YourServiceName is the name of your video service from the below list (see Available Services) and VideoID is the ID number of the video (more explanation below).

Available Video Services

The currently supported video services are listed below, we'll be adding more to this list as soon as we check out the other services work (see Unavailable Services for a list of planned services).

Avaialble Site Service Name
Dailymotion dailymotion
YouTube youtube and youtubehd

Video ID

If you go to the webpage with the video on the particular video site, part of the URL will contain the ID for the video (in YouTube it appears after the v= bit of the URL. As an example the URL for the video: would give us the text:


Additional parameters

There are a couple of extra options you can use when embedding your videos (Note, these are still under test - just stick with "service|id" if you're having trouble):

  • {{#ev:service|id}}
  • {{#ev:service|id|width}}
  • {{#ev:service|id|width|align}}
  • {{#ev:service|id|width|align|desc}}
  • {{#evp:service|id|desc}}
  • {{#evp:service|id|desc|align}}
  • {{#evp:service|id|desc|align|width}}


  • service is the name of a video sharing service (See "service name" in the list below)
  • id is the id of the video to include
  • width (optional) is the width in pixels of the viewing area (height will be determined automatically)
  • align (optional) is an alignment (float) attribute. May be "left" or "right".
  • desc (optional) is a short description to display beneath the video when it is aligned

Unavailable Video Services

The following video sites are planned for inclusion soon (they may already work, but we haven't tested them yet):

Unavaialble Site Service Name
Div Share divshare
Edutopia edutopia
FunnyOrDie funnyordie
Interia interia or interiavideo
Revver revver
sevenload sevenload
TeacherTube teachertube
Vimeo vimeo