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Info and Intro

Once upon a time they were known as Informätik, they are an Electro Industrial/Futurepop duo formed out of Boston in the USA that got together in 1993, with their music being represented by Metropolis Records in the USA and Dependent Records across Europe.

Currently they live in the San Francisco area.


  1. 1995 Direct Memory Access
  2. 1997 Direct Memory Access v2.0
  3. 1998 Syntax
  4. 2002 Nymphomatik
  5. 2004 Re:Vision
  6. 2008 Beyond
  7. 2009 Come Together (digital single)
  8. 2009 Arena
  9. 2013 How Long (digital single)
  10. 2013 Playing With Fire

Members Name Check

  • David Charles Spiegelman artist name Da5id Din who also has a solo project called din fiv.
  • Tyler Newman, who has a number of additional projects, including Battery Cage and AEC, and was also a member of Stromkern.

Both members are vegans and yoga practitioners, but do like to drink alcoholic beverages.

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