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Info and Intro

James George Thirlwell (born 29 January 1960) – also known as Clint Ruin, Frank Want, and Foetus, amongst other names – he is an Australian singer, composer, and record producer. Because of his musical diversity he is known for juxtaposing a variety of different styles.

Thirlwell does has a number of side-projects, in which he often used that pseudonym Clint Ruin.

One of these side-projects is Wiseblood with one time member of The Swans Roli Mosimann. The material tends toward the realm of the darkest and most sexual Foetus songs, with Mosimann's The Swans lineage showing in the slow, crushing pacing of many tracks, Wiseblood's lyrics content centres around the misanthropic exertion of power, typically via murder, sex or assault. Wiseblood existed on-and-off from the mid-1980s through early 1990s.

Associated Acts

  1. Foetus
  2. Manorexia
  3. Wiseblood
  4. Steroid Maximus
  5. Flesh Volcano
  6. The Immaculate Consumptive
  7. Garage Monsters
  8. Baby Zizanie
  9. Hydroze Plus
  10. Coil
  11. Zola Jesus
  12. The Swans
  13. Pigface

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