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An Italian Screamo / Hardcore / Djent / Emo band formed in 2000 out of Forli.

They are part of the 21st century European screamo movement alongside bands such as Raein, who they share members with, and Daitro.


Studio Albums List

1) La fine non è la fine (2004; Gasping for Breath/React with Protest/Heroine/Utarid Tapes/Sons of Vesta)

La Quiete 1.jpg

EPs List

1) La Quiete (2006; Pure Pain Sugar)

La Quiete 2.jpg

2) La Quiete (2008; Sons of Vesta)

La Quiete 3.jpg


  1. With Acrimonie (2002; Life of Hate)
  2. With the Apoplexy Twist Orchestra (2003; Heroine)
  3. With Catena Collapse (2003; Heroine/Adagio830)
  4. With KC Milian (2004; Cragstan Astronaut)
  5. With the Pine (2004; Broken Hearts Club)
  6. With Louise Cyphre (2005; Electric Human Project)
  7. With Phoenix Bodies (2008; Holiday/Level Plane)


  1. Tenpeun (2006; Perpetual Motion Machine/Sons of Vesta)

2006–2009 (2009; Sons of Vesta)

Compilation Appearances

  1. The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker (2003; Slave Union)
  2. Wayfarer's All (2004; Owsla)
  3. This Is Your Life (2005; Ape Must Not Kill Ape)
  4. Emo Armageddon (2005; React with Protest)
  5. Memento Mori (2006; Sons of Vesta)

Members Name Check

  • Cebio (guitar)
  • Michele (drums)
  • Angelino (bass)
  • Andrea (guitar)
  • Fulvio (vocals)

Past Members

  • Fobbeo (bass)
  • Congorock (guitar)
  • Boris (vocals)

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