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Nico, originally called Christa Päffgen, was a German singer-songwriter, lyricist, composer, musician, fashion model, and actress who became famous as a Warhol Superstar in the 1960s. She could also play keyboards, harmonium and tambourine.

She is known for her vocals on The Velvet Underground's debut album, The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967), and her work as a solo artist.

She also had roles in several films, including Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita (1960) and Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls (1966). Nico died from a heart attack in July 1988.

Throughout her life, shealso became associated with;
Brian Jones, Kevin Ayers, John Cooper Clarke, The Invisible Girls, Blue Orchids, John Cale, Bob Dylan and Brian Eno

Solo studio albums

1) 1967 Chelsea Girl

Nico album 1.jpg

2) 1969 The Marble Index

Nico album 2.jpg

3) 1970 Desertshore

Nico album 3.jpg

4) 1974 The End...

Nico album 4.jpg

5) 1981 Drama of Exile

Nico album 5.jpg

6) 1985 Camera Obscura

Nico album 6.jpg

Collaborative albums

1967 The Velvet Underground & Nico

Live albums

1974 June 1, 1974
1982 Do or Die: Nico in Europe
1983 Live In Denmark
1985 Nico Live in Pécs
1986 Behind the Iron Curtain
1987 Nico in Tokyo
1988 Fata Morgana
1989 Hanging Gardens
1992 Chelsea Girl / Live
1994 Heroine
2003 Femme Fatale: The Aura Anthology
2004 Nico: All Tomorrow's Parties
2007 All Tomorrow's Parties
2012 Reims Cathedral

Compilation albums

1986 Live Heroes
1998 Nico: The Classic Years
2002 Innocent & Vain — An Introduction to Nico
2003 Femme Fatale — The Aura Anthology (Re-issue of Drama of Exile with bonus tracks plus Live at Chelsea Town Hall 9.8.85)
2007 The Frozen Borderline - 1968–1970 (Re-issue of The Marble Index and Desertshore with bonus tracks)


1965 "I'm Not Sayin'" / "The Last Mile"
1981 "Vegas" / "Saeta"
1982 "Procession" / "All Tomorrow's Parties" (Recorded with the Invisible Girls & Martin Hannett)
1983 "Heroes" / "One More Chance"
1985 "My Funny Valentine" / "My Heart Is Empty