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A German "Electro-Medieval" / Industrial / Darkwave / Neofolk band founded in 1991 by Michael Popp and Ernst Horn. They later added vocalist Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) to complete the band.

It has roots in Estampie, a band of similar genre but different style; Michael Popp and Syrah are the principal members.


Horn left the group in 1999, to concentrate on his other band, Deine Lakaien. He later formed Helium Vola in 2001. Philipp Groth (a.k.a. Fil) then joined Qntal. In 2008, singer and violist Sarah M. Newman (Mariko) left the New York based band Unto Ashes to work with Qntal and Estampie in Germany.

The band's lyrics are primarily drawn from historical sources.

Throughout their first three albums, lyrics were primarily in Latin, medieval German, Galician-Portuguese and a few other European tongues. On Qntal IV, the band added a few songs in English to their body of work. Two tracks from this album, Cupido and Flamma, reached the 2005 DAC, peaking at number 1 and number 8 respectively.

"Qntal" is a made-up word that appeared in one of Syrah's dreams. Its pronunciation varies among sources. However, Syrah herself, during live performances, pronounces it [kntal].

Qntal has headlined at significant goth and industrial music festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen and M'era Luna. Qntal's debut U.S. concert took place in September 2004 at Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia. In 2007, 2008, and 2011 the band was featured in the Bad Faerie Ball at the Baltimore FaerieCon.


Albums List

1) 1992 Qntal I (Gymnastic Records)

Qntal 1.jpg

2) 1995 Qntal II (Gymnastic Records)

Qntal 2.jpg

3) 2003 Qntal III: Tristan und Isolde (Stars in the Dark / Noir Records)

Qntal 3.jpg

4) 2005 Qntal IV: Ozymandias (Drakkar Entertainment / Noir Records)

Qntal 4.jpg

5) 2006 Qntal V: Silver Swan (Noir Records)

Qntal 5.jpg

6) 2008 Qntal VI: Translucida (Drakkar Entertainment)

Qntal 6.jpg

7) 2014 Qntal VII (Drakkar Entertainment)

Qntal 7.jpg

8) 2018 Qntal VIII: Nachtblume (Drakkar Entertainment)

Qntal 8.jpg


1) 2003 Nihil (Stars in the Dark / Vielklang Musikproduktion)

Qntal ep1.jpg

2) 2004 Illuminate (Noir Records)

Qntal ep2.jpg


2008 Purpurea: The Best Of (Drakkar Entertainment)

Singles List

  1. 2002 – O, Tristan
  2. 2003 – Entre Moi
  3. 2005 – Cupido
  4. 2005 – Flamma
  5. 2006 – Von den Elben
  6. 2008 – Sumer

Members Name Check

  • Sigrid "Syrah" Hausen (1991–present) - Vocals
  • Michael Popp (1991–present) - Vocals, vielle, saz, shawm, oud, tar
  • Mariko (2010–present) - Violist, backing vocals
  • Markus Köstner (2005–present) - Live drummer
  • Ernst Horn (1991–1999)
  • Philipp "Fil" Groth (2002–2014) - Keyboards, vocals, guitars, programming

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