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Info and Intro

They're an electronic music act from Germany, put together in September 2002 by musician/producer "Gun" and singer "Rascal" with Electronic Dance Music producer/"DJ Krischan J.E. Wesenberg" joining them shortly after.

The band themselves refer to what they do as Industrial Pop, their ever growing fanbase have referred to Rotersand's music as Futurepop, Synthpop, Industrial, and even Gothic.


Albums List

1) Truth Is Fanatic (2003)

Rotersand album 1.jpg

2) Welcome To Goodbye (2005)

Rotersand album 2.jpg

3) 1023 (2007)

Rotersand album 3.jpg

4) Random Is Resistance (2009)

Rotersand album 4.jpg

EPs List

1) Merging Oceans (2003)

Rotersand ep 1.jpg

2) Exterminate Annihilate Destroy (2005)

Rotersand ep 2.jpg

3) Dare To Live (2006)

Rotersand ep 3.jpg

4) I Cry EP (2008)

Rotersand ep 4.jpg

5) War On Error (2009)

Rotersand ep 5.jpg

6) Waiting To Be Born (2010)

Rotersand ep 6.jpg

Ltd Editions List

1) Electronic World Transmission (Limited 2004 Tour EP)

Rotersand ltd 1.jpg

2) Social Distortion (Limited 12" vinyl)

Rotersand ltd 2.jpg

External Links

Rotersand Website