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DJ History

DJ Terminates Here began current DJing area by volunteering for the 11am slot providing background music for the Alternative Bring'n'Buy Sale. This lead to several other sets for London Gothic, a couple of Depeche Mode nights and also a chance to provide music for London's only two nights to date to cover the German 'mittelalter' music scene.

A guest slot at the Reptile Club in March 2011 saw an growth in demand for Terminates Here's DJ services. He provided the support DJing at a number of alternative gigs and one-day festivals. In 2012, he played Reptile for a second time, guested at the YEAR ZERO Nine Inch Nails night, and became resident DJ at the relaunched Neo-Noir club at the London Stone, having played the last event of the club's first incarnation earlier that year. This continued until April 2013.

In September 2013, Terminates Here launched his first self-promoted 'Irregular Event' (now known as an 'IrrEv'). This was to be the first in a series of one-off events, intended to showcase DJs who did not have club residencies and musical styles under-represented in the London Alternative Scene. He also played Reptile twice more, both occasions on New Years Eve.

In February 2014, Terminates Here played outside London for the first time, playing late into the night at the Asylum Club in Chelmsford. There were also thre emore Irregular Events, one dedicated to the video launch for the band X-KiN, one playing dance and indie rock from the 1990s and a third based around an 'Open Request List' concept where the audience determined the music policy. This became a quarterly event from September 2015 onwards.

In 2015, Terminates Here launched 'Tragedy >For Us<', an event dedicated to old-school EBM and dark electro. This proved to be the most successful IrrEv so far, and a sequel was held later in the year. He also DJed in a similar style at the Ad:Rem festival in November, as well as playing his first sets for the alternative 80s clubs Electric Dreams and Dark Disco.

2016 saw Terminates Here become a semi-regular guest at the 80s night 'Yesterday's Shadow', and his first stand-alone set at Slimelight (having previous played the venue many times as band support DJ). In August, he played his first set at the Infest festival in Bradford, playing the aftershow party in the Escape Bar on Saturday night.

DJing Style

Terminates Here adopts a style of DJing self-described as 'genre journey', seamlessly developing sets that fit the required style of the moment, whilst avoiding becoming stuck in any one subgenre for too long or abruptly cutting between two unrelated songs. Experience at playing nightclubs, gigs, festivals and daytime events as led to the development of a significant adaptability in terms of playing sets in unusual or unexpected circumstances.

He decided at an early stage not to restrict himself to traditionally 'scene' oriented genres, and hence covers the following styles: Electronic Body Music (old and new), Darkwave, Dark Electro, Electro Industrial, Aggrotech, Industrial Rock, Post Punk, Coldwave, Gothic Rock, New Wave, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, classic rock, Glam Rock, 80s/90s Heavy Metal, crossover dance, Dark Ambient, Power Noize, Mittelalter, Neofolk, Martial Industrial, Dark Neo-Classical and various Avant-Garde styles that defy classification. No dubstep, though.

Other Activities

Was formerly creator, editor and sole writer of online alternative music resource 'EOL-Audio' under his former alias of Jonny EOL. A number of DJ sets were also undertaken under this name from 2000 to 2002.

Has recently created his own musical project Deja Vu 2. One track ('World Alert') features frequently in his DJ sets.

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