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They have been informally referred to as "The Bosstones".

They are a Ska Punk band formed out of Boston, Massachusetts, during 1983.


Since the band's inception, lead vocalist Dicky Barrett, bassist Joe Gittleman, tenor saxophonist Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton and dancer ("Bosstone") Ben Carr have remained constant members. The line-up also includes drummer Joe Sirois, saxophonist Kevin Lenear, guitarist Lawrence Katz and trombonist Chris Rhodes.

The Bosstones are often credited as one of the progenitors of the genre of Ska Punk and the creators of its subgenre "ska-core" a form of music which mixes elements of Ska with Hardcore Punk.

Since the release of their 1989 debut Devil's Night Out, the band toured and recorded extensively throughout the 1990s, becoming a key figure in the development of the American third wave ska scene and one of the first bands to popularise the genre in the musical mainstream, reaching their commercial peak with their platinum-selling 1997 album Let's Face It and its hit single "The Impression That I Get". The band had released a number of studio albums, a few EPs and a live album by the time they announced a hiatus in December 2003. In 2007, the Bosstones reunited to resume recording and touring.

Albums List

1) Devil's Night Out (1989)


2) More Noise and Other Disturbances (1992)


3) Don't Know How to Party (1993)


4) Question the Answers (1994)

Mmbt Question the Answers.jpg

5) Let's Face It (1997)


6) Pay Attention (2000)


7) A Jackknife to a Swan (2002)


8) Pin Points and Gin Joints (2009)


9) The Magic of Youth (2011)


Members Name Check

  • Dicky Barrett – lead vocals (1983–present)
  • Joe Gittleman "the Bass Fiddleman" – bass guitar, backing vocals (1983–present)
  • Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton – tenor saxophone, backing vocals (1983–present)
  • Ben Carr – dancer, backing vocals, percussion, manager and "Bosstone" (1983–present)
  • Joe Sirois – drums and percussion (1991–present)
  • Kevin Lenear – alto saxophone and baritone saxophone (1991–1998; 2008–present)
  • Lawrence Katz – guitar, backing vocals (2000–present)
  • Chris Rhodes – trombone, vocals (2000–present)
  • John Goetchius – keyboards (2008–present)
  • Nate Albert – guitar (1983–2000)
  • Tim Bridewell – trombone (1983–1991)
  • Josh Dalsimer – drums (1983–1991)
  • Roman Fleysher – saxophone (1998–2008)
  • Dennis Brockenborough – trombone (1991–2000)

Additional Personnel

  • Davey Holmes – keyboards
  • Brian Dwyer – trumpet
  • Kevin P. Stevenson – guitar
  • Dave Aaronoff – keyboards
  • Sledge Burton – trumpet
  • Jon Nash – guitar
  • John "JG" Goetchius – keyboards

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