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Info and Intro

The Misfits; a Punk band from New Jersey USA, formed in 1977. The bands' usual subjects for their lyrics would be; retro science-fiction, horror, and B-movies.

Originally fronted by singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig until their initial breakup in 1983, the band was later resurrected in 1995 by Jerry Only without Danzig, and continues to exist.

Danzig and bassist Jerry Only, who joined shortly after the band’s inception and remained the only consistent member throughout various line-ups.

Danzig was very interested in Marilyn Monroe, and took the band’s name from “The Misfits”, Monroe’s last film.

The early Misfits sound was often quite melodic, with Danzig having a very versatile singing style, with some of it inspired by the style of classic Italian tenors such as Mario Lanza, as well as being interested in 1950s doo wop. Early Misfits songs tended to have catchy, sing-along choruses backed by Danzig distorted keyboard accompaniments.

They have a rich musical heritage, but the song Last Caress, which for many years was a rare song, is now regarded as their classic song, it was an early bit of work for the Misfits, with blaring instruments and Danzig’s melodic vocals finding a medium between Frank Sinatra and the Sex Pistols, there's even a classic cover of it by Metallica.

In recent years, the band have developed more of a Hardcore Punk sound.

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Albums List

  1. Walk Among Us (1982)
  2. Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood (1983)
  3. Static Age (1996)[27]
  4. American Psycho (1997)
  5. Famous Monsters (1999)
  6. 12 Hits From Hell (2001)[28]
  7. Project 1950 (2003)
  8. The Devil's Rain (2011)


They have appeared as either characters or in cameos in the following movies;-
Animal Room (1995), as Misfits

Big Money Hustlas (2000), as Misfits 1–4 (individually credited)

Bruiser (2000), as Misfits

Campfire Stories (2001), as Misfits

Members Name Check

  • Jerry Only (Gerald Caiafa) – bass guitar (1977–1983, 1995–present), backing vocals (1977–1983, 1995–2000), lead vocals (2001–present)
  • Eric "Chupacabra" Arce – drums (2010–present)
  • Jerry Caiafa II – guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)
  • Dez Cadena - guitar (2001-present)
  • Glenn Danzig (Glenn Anzalone) – vocals, electric piano (1977–1983)
  • Manny Martínez – drums (1977)
  • Franché Coma (Frank Licata) – guitar (1977–1978)
  • Mr. Jim (Jim Catania) – drums (1978)
  • Bobby Steele – guitar (1978–1980)
  • Joey Image (Joey Poole) – drums (1978–1979)
  • Arthur Googy (Joseph McGuckin) – drums (1980–1982)
  • Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Paul Caiafa) – guitar (1980–1983, 1995–2001)
  • Robo (Roberto Valverde) – drums (1982–1983, 2005–2010)
  • Brian Damage (Brian Keats) – drums (1983) (died in 2010)
  • Dr. Chud (David Calabrese) – drums (1995–2000)
  • Michale Graves (Michael Emanuel) – lead vocals (1995–2000)
  • Myke Hideous – Vocals (1998)
  • Zoltán Téglás - Vocals (2000)
  • Marky Ramone (Marc Bell) – drums (2001–2005)

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