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Who is 16volt

They're an industrial Rock band made op of Eric Powell and Mike Peoples with various session musicians added for gigs.

The band's featured on the opening scene of the PlayStation 2 game Primal, and supplied 12 songs for the of the game.

early days to releasing albums

Eric Powell became interested in music early on, and formed 16volt in 1988. Years later, Powell met a college radio music director while promoting his early work. The music director had recently formed the record label Re-Constriction, and Re-Constriction released Powell's original demos.

In 1993, 16 Volt released their first official debut album, Wisdom, on which they worked with Dave Ogilvie (of Skinny Puppy fame) on the production. A year later, 16volt put out their their second album, Skin. 16 Volt soon met Hate Dept. during the The Remix Wars: Strike 3 - 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept.

16 Volt's third album was LetDownCrush', this sited the end of Powell's involvement with Re-Constriction.

In 1998, SuperCoolNothing was released by Slipdisc. The album Demography followed in late 2000.


Primal (PlayStation game)

In 2003, 16 Volt made a cameo appearance in the opening scene of the PlayStation 2 game Primal, where they are depicted performing live in a club. They made a massive contribution to the soundtrack of this game as well, with songs such as "Happy Pill", "Suffering You", "And I Go", "Keep Sleeping", "At The End", and "Alkali". A disc of 16 Volt's contributions were included with the limited edition release of the game, and the songs were later included on an official CD release of the game soundtrack. This all boosted interest in the band, and took them from underground Gothic/Industrial club success to become a more major hit.

Other soundtracks

16volt continued to gain exposure by contributing to various soundtracks, such as;- Keep Sleeping on The Rage: Carrie 2 soundtrack, they also contributed to the soundtrack of the amazing cult musical film, Repo! The Genetic Opera. In 2008, 16volt helped remaster the soundtrack to Wizard of Gore.


In 2007, 16 Volt made a comeback with the release of FullBlackHabit; this was their first original music release for Nine Years. This featured a reworking of "Suffering You", a song from an early demo on SuperCoolNothing V2.0. This added to the ever growing success of the band, and led to two more albums being released between 2009 and 2011.

Their sixth major studio album American Porn Songs came out in 2009 and featured a new version of the song "Alkali" originally on the Primal soundtrack.

In May 2011, Metropolis Records released 16 Volt's seventh studio album Beating Dead Horses.


Year Title Format
1993 Wisdom Album
1993 Shut Up Kitty Compilation
1994 Skin Album
1996 LetDownCrush Album
1996 The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart Single/EP
1996 The Remix Wars: Strike 3 – 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. Single/EP
1996 The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart Compilation
1998 SuperCoolNothing Album
2000 Demography Album
2000 Don't Blow Your Cover: A Tribute to KMFDM Compilation
2001 A Gothic-Industrial Tribute to The Smashing Pumpkins Compilation
2002 SuperCoolNothing V2.0 Album
2005 The Best of Sixteen Volt Album
2006 Hordes of the Elite Compilation
2006 Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor Compilation
2007 FullBlackHabit Album
2008 TPCM2: Judgement Day Remixing The Massacre Compilation
2009 American Porn Songs [1] Album
2010 Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Compilation
2010 American Porn Songs:Remixed Album
2011 Beating Dead Horses Album