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They were a Post Punk / Art Punk / Noise Rock band formed out of Seattle, Washington during 1999.

The band was called Bend Sinister from 1996 to 1999.

A Frames cites Cows, Scientists, Stick Men With Ray Guns, Scratch Acid, Joy Division, and 60's Garage Rock among their influences.


A Frames started its own label, Dragnet Records, in January 2000 in order to release their music, and later the band signed with Sub Pop Records in 2004 for the release of Black Forest.

In 2006, original drummer Lars Finberg left the band to focus full-time on The Intelligence, a band in which both Min and Erin have played bass at various points.

Musical Style

A Frames sung about technology and apocalyptic cultural shifts, although many of the lyrics and themes are meant to be humorous. The band's style has also been described as experimental noise as the vocals are dark, monotone and bleak while the sound is aggressive. The drum beat is often mechanical and pounding, producing a raw, minimalistic sound. The sloppy, chaotic and sharp chords, however, are kept in line by the ever-steady rhythm.


Albums List

1) A-Frames LP/CD (2002, S-S Records, Dragnet, re-issued on Born Bad Records, France in 2007)

A frames 1.jpg

2) 2 LP/CD (2003, S-S Records, re-issued on Born Bad Records, France in 2007)

A frames 2.jpg

3) Black Forest LP/CD (2005, Sub Pop Records)

A frames 3.jpg

4) 333 (200 Ss Records)

A frames 4.jpg

Singles List

  1. "Neutron Bomb/Radiation Generation / Test Tube Baby" 7" (2000, Dragnet Records)
  2. "Plastica / Hospital" 7" (2001) (S-S Records)
  3. "Crutches / Membrane / Weissensee (Neu!)" 7" (2003, Royal Records)
  4. "Complications / Frankenstein" 7" (2004, S-S Records)
  5. "Police 1000 / Traction" 7" (2006, S-S Records)

Compilations Appearances

  1. "Bumble Bee" on Babyhead LP, (S-S Records, 2004)
  2. "X.M.A.S." on Surprise Package CD (Flying Bomb Records)
  3. "I Wanna Hurt" on The Necessary Effect CD (Xeroid Records)

Members Name Check

  • Erin Sullivan: vocalist, guitarist
  • Min Yee: bassist
  • Thomas Northcut: drums