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Who are they

A Killing Dove is an active and busy Alternative Rock band from Vancouver WA. In the spring of 2012, AKD released the band’s second CD, “Break The Formulaic”. Since that release, A Killing Dove has played the Portland/Vancouver area regularly, taking a short tour into Idaho via Washington and has made several trips up into Seattle.

CDs, gigs and tours

The alt-rock Rock band’s first CD received press and radio play and press from all around the Pacific Northwest. This self titled album and live show performances led A Killing Dove to a five State tour and one of the biggest events in Washington State, Hempfest Seattle.

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A Killing Dove originally from Tri-Cities Washington has a vibrant history including a trip to the United Kingdom for time at Musician’s Institute.

The band has been together since 2006 and includes Jake Brown on vocals and guitar, James Vik on Bass, Kyle Garello on drums and on guitar.

A Killing Dove is looking forward to an even stronger statement with “Break The Formulaic”. The album’s writing has been influenced by the music which surrounds them, their fans and the struggles that have brought them forward.

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