A Pale Horse Named Death

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Info and Intro

They could well be described as a Gothic/Heavy Metal band, who formed out of Brooklyn, New York.

A Pale Horse Named Death was put together by Sal Abruscato (former Type O Negative & Life of Agony drummer) and were produced/engineered by Matt Brown of Seventh Void and Uranium 235.

2013 saw them release their second album titled Lay My Soul to Waste.

Albums List

1) And Hell Will Follow Me (2011)

And hell will follow me cover.jpg

2) Lay My Soul to Waste (2013)

Lay My Soul to Waste.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Sal Abruscato - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Brown - guitar, backing vocals
  • Johnny Kelly - drums
  • Eric Morgan - bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Eddie Heedles - guitar

Former Members Name Check

  • Bobby Hambel - Guitar

Internal Links

  1. Type O Negative
  2. Life of Agony
  3. Seventh Void

External Links

Band Website