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Intro and Info

They are a Steampunk based, formed out of Seattle in 1997. They take a mix elements of Industrial, World Music, and Steampunk into their music and lyrics.

In their early days, they were a Gothic act, but they have transformed their image and sound and have been called the "quintessential" representatives of the Steampunk culture.

Their name comes from the Abney Park Cemetery in London, England.

Members Name Check

  • Robert Brown (Vocals, Darbuka, Diatonic button accordion, harmonica, bouzouki, bağlama, ukulele)
  • Kristina Erickson (keyboards, Piano)
  • Titus Munteanu (violin)
  • Josh Goering (Guitar, Banjolele)
  • Derek Brown (Bass)

Past Members Name Check

  • Daniel Cederman
  • Jody Ellen
  • Nathaniel Johnstone
  • Traci Nemeth
  • Krysztof Nemeth
  • Robert Hazelton
  • Magdalene Veen
  • Jean-Paul Mayden
  • Finn von Claret
  • Madame Archel (Rachel Gilley)
  • Robert Gardunia
  • Thomas Thompson
  • Henry Cheng
  • Lee Tillman

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