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A Stoner Rock / Stoner Heavy Metal band formed out of San Francisco, California.


They were formed in 1993 by frontwoman Lori S., drummer Joey Osbourne and bassist Peter Lucas. Acid King have since recorded four studio albums and two EPs with a series of bassists.

The band's name was inspired by the crimes of Ricky Kasso, who murdered his friend Gary Lauwers in Northport, New York on June 16, 1984. Kasso was nicknamed "Acid King" by his peers due to his chronic hallucinogenic drug use. The band's debut EP features a photograph of Kasso on its cover. The band itself has also been featured in two books – The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal and the A to Z of Doom, Gothic & Stoner Metal – both published in 2003.

Albums List

1) 1994 Acid King

Acid king album 1.jpg

2) 1995 Zoroaster

Acid king album 2.jpg

3) 1997 Down with the Crown

Acid king album 3.jpg

4) 1999 Busse Woods

Acid king album 4.jpg

Reissued with bonus tracks in 2004

Reissued on vinyl in 2007

5) 2001 Free...

Acid king album 5.jpg

Released as a split with Clearlight

6) 2005 Acid King III

Acid king album 6.jpg

Reissued on vinyl in 2006

7) 2006 The Early Years

Acid king album 7.jpg

8) 2015 Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere

Acid king album 8.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Lori S. – guitar, vocals, lyrics (1993–present)
  • Joey Osbourne – drums (1993–present)
  • Mark Lamb– bass (2006–present)
  • Dale Crover – additional vocals (1993-1994; appears on Acid King)
  • Peter Lucas – bass (1993-1996; appears on Acid King and Zoroaster)
  • Dan Southwick – bass (1996-1998; appears on Down with the Crown)
  • Brian Hill – bass (1998-1999; appears on Busse Woods)
  • Guy Pinhas – bass (1999-2005; appears on Free... and III)
  • Rafael "Rafa" Martinez – bass (2005-2008)

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