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Acid rock is a form of Psychedelic Rock, which is characterised by long instrumental solos, often the songs are fully instrumental, and in a similar way to Jazz, Jazz Rock, and Jazz Fusion, the lyrics, and musical content is improvisation.
Acid Rock has been described as "LSD-influenced music" and a number of acts have been credited with this sound over the years, including, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Iron Butterfly, Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Blue Cheer, Deep Purple and The Grateful Dead.

Acid Rock got its name because it served as "background" music for LSD induced trips during underground parties during the 1960s, "Acid" of course being another term for LSD.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jerry Garcia quoted The Grateful Dead band member Phil Lesh stating, "acid rock is what you listen to when you are high on acid." Garcia further stated there is no real Psychedelic Rock and that it is Indian Classical music and some Tibetan music that are examples of music "designed to expand consciousness."

In June 1967 Time magazine wrote; "From jukeboxes and transistors across the nation pulses the turned-on sound of acid-rock groups: the Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Moby Grape".

In 1968 Life magazine referred to The Doors as the "Kings of Acid Rock".

When the sounds of "Hard Rock" and Heavy Metal became prominent in the early to mid 1970s, the phrase "Acid Rock" was, from time to time, mistakenly applied to these genres.

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