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DJ Addambombb (Addam Rae Wolff) is a North American alternative dance disc jockey, producer, and artist whose work "has earned him the title "King of Halloween" among his fans in the Gothic club scene” from "Halloween Nation" by Lesley Bannatyne.

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He was a top winner of Angelspit's "The Product" remix contest and his credits include being the first DJ interviewed for a Vampire Freaks webzine series in 2009. DJ Addambombb has also been the DJ for the annual Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball since 2004, and had a diverse professional career.

Mobile DJ

As a five star rated DJ with Premier Talent Group (1995-2000), Addam received numerous awards including "DJ of the year", "best in sales", and "most requested DJ" and performed at over 1000 events in 5 years. Some highlights included djing for Jim Henson Productions, the Phantom of the Opera cast Halloween party at the Wang Center, and a residency at the Polo Club (Providence, RI).

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In 2000 Addam founded addamidiom:productions to promote his independent club events, concerts, arts and mobile dj work. DJ Addam specializes in alternative weddings and has performed at hundreds, including that of MA’s first openly gay representative, Carl Sciortino.

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As a subcontractor with Scratch Events (2010 - 2015) Addam performed at numerous high profile events including Fashion's Night Out with Kat Von D at Sephora NYC, FNO with Clinton Kelly for Macy's Herald Sq, FNO for Steve Madden NYC, for Puma at the Boston Marathon, and as featured guest DJ on the Norwegian Epic. He also performed at fashion events for numerous brands including Sephora, Guess, Calvin Klein, GQ, Anne Taylor, Oakley, H&M, and the Gap.

Gothic Club DJ

DJ Addambombb began djing at Boston's infamous ManRay Nightclub in 1998 after he was hired as a light jockey, and was a fixture there until its closing in 2005. He was the resident dj, promoter and producer of Haven at Diva's (Northampton, MA) from 2001-2008 and under his guidance it became New England's biggest independent dark dance party. Other residencies / rotations have included Ceremony (Boston), Bottle Rocket (Boston), and Spellbound (DC). He continues to dj at post-ManRay related Halloween events and XMortis (Boston), and on tour. He currently runs The WICKED Party, an electroswing monthly in Boston, with DJ Loki.

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Addam has also produced and promoted many independent concert events in New England, providing a stage for touring international acts and opening shows with local talent and other djs, visual artists, and cabaret performers. One highlight on Haven's stage was pairing the Cruxshadows and Ego Likeness for the first time. Other bands include Gene Loves Jezebel, Rasputina, Sister Machine Gun, Bella Morte, Razed in Black, Voltaire, Imperative Reaction, Christ Analogue, ThouShaltNot, Hanzel und Gretyl, Aryia, Android Lust, I:Scintilla, and Stromkern - and Boston based bands including Battery Cage, You Shriek, One Of Us, Incus, Fluttr Effect, MindField, and more.

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Addambombb has been a headlining DJ for numerous special events including Dracula's Ball (Philadelphia), Triton Festival NYC, Salem Vampire's Masquerade Ball, Black Sun Festival, Alex Grey's Deities and Demons at CoSM, Endless Nights NYC, and Junction NYC. Addam has toured the underground club scene for many years, appearing at legendary venues including the Melodrom (Germany), Element (NYC), Rebel (NYC), Nation (DC), Club Saphir (Montreal), Fusion (IN), Parallax (OH), Club Hell (RI), Fusion (RI), Club Orpheus (MD), Heaven and Hell (DC), Empire (VA), Axis (Bos), Shampoo (Phila), QXTs (NJ), the Roxy (Bos), & House of Blues (Bos), among many many others.

Producer, Songwriter

DJ Addambombb has produced remixes for Angelspit, Interface, Hardcore Pong, the Spider Lilies, Lorelei Dreaming, Psyche Corporation, Phoenix Noir, Mei Ohara, and The U Project.

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On Halloween of 2017 Addam released an EP of original witch house, synthwave, and experimental electronic music titled "How To Train Your Robots" including "Bad Witch" and "Turtle Race" which he released as singles in 2015.

On Halloween of 2019 Addam released "The Skeleton Closet", an album of original singer-songwriter, new romantic gothpop. The album includes an updated version of "Could It Be" and a remix of "The Fine Line" by Angelspit.

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DJ Addambombb’s first songwriting single “Could It Be?” was released on 06/06/06 (a compilation by Boy Ball Records) and reached #3 in "Glam", #10 in "Goth" and #36 in "Electro" categories on the Myspace Independent Music charts in 2007. “Could It Be?” was included on the Invisible Records “Cool Shit From Invisible” SXSW 2009 sampler (appearing as “Addam Idiom”). He co-produced the “Idiom remix” of “New Romantic Circuitry” by You Shriek, released by Underground Inc in 2005 on the Pigface “Free For All” tour sampler.

Addam is also a sampledelia artist and turntablist, and produces a wide range of ""bootlegs" and ephemera for his own sets. Many of DJ Addambombb’s unofficial remixes have been created for the Salem Witches’ Ball. In late 2018 he released a back catalogue of remixed Halloween classics and 80‘s hits to iTunes and Spotify under new licensing clearances, including a big beat mix of “Season of the Witch” by Donovan, “Star Wars : Cantina Band” done as electroswing, Leonard Cohen's "You Want it Darker" in deep house, and an uptempo regroove of “Broken Wings” by Mr Mister.

Early Years

Addam suffered a head injury at the age of 12 which resulted in a completely deaf right ear and severe persistent tinnitus. It has been compared on several frequencies as being twice as loud as everything, all the time. One member of a UMass Amherst study group called it 'the worst [case they'd] ever seen' and the condition is consistent to this day. He taught himself to drum to drown out the noise and cannot hear in stereo.

DJ Addambombb’s first job was hawking games at the NY Renaissance Faire as a teenager, where he first learned that he was a goth. At one point he interned with the NJ State Repertory Opera for stage design, at another he scrubbed glory holes at a porn shop to pay for a semester of broadcast production courses. In the early 90’s, he performed as a drummer with vampire-glam band "Foxxen" (w/ Owen Tate and Tom Peep). He started "The Seduction Production", a Rocky Horror shadow cast (Cinema 35 in Paramus, NJ) after hanging out at 8th Street Playhouse too much, and had a "Communion card" in his wallet during the Geiger Room days.

Visual Arts

As a photographer Addam has had photos published in the Boston Globe, as section covers in the Boston Phoenix, the Valley Advocate, Hampshire Gazette (Northampton), Suicide Girls, and Gazelland NYC. He shot the cover photo for "The Book of Mischief" by Steve Stern and for David Rosen’s, Reason8 fashion campaign.

Addam’s photography and paintings have featured in solo art shows including ManRay (MA), the Paradise (MA), Origins Gallery (PA), Soho in the Burg (PA), Fusion (IN), Pan 9 (MA), and in group shows at CBGB's (313 gallery), Highland Artists Group (MA), and La Fete Du Sisk (MA). He has curated and participated in shows at ManRay, Ceremony, Haven, Black Sun Festival, Middle East Nightclub, and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket.

Other projects include Addam as a muralist for Project Street Art in Stroudsburg, PA, and fire breather with Michael Pope's "Psychotronic Circus" at Avalon, Boston and at the Dresden Dolls “box parties”.

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