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Against All Authority (often abbreviated -AAA-) was an American Punk / Ska Punk band, formed out of Florida in 1992.

Playing in the Ska Punk / Punk style, their business practice follows a stringent DIY ethic.


Against All Authority was founded in Cutler Ridge, Florida in 1992, driven by willingness to promote their message—"questioning our economic differences and promoting our human similarities", as stated by their now defunct official website.

A strong engagement in political and social issues is clearly evident in their lyrics.

The band maintain a fierce DIY stance influenced by the approach of the Dead Kennedys and Subhumans.

Early in their career the band decided to book concerts, make recordings and even produce band T-shirts on their own.

Their first release "Above The Law" was released on Far Out Records.

Later they signed on independent label Hopeless Records, becoming one of their major bands.

In addition to touring and recording, the band is frequently involved in demonstrations and social projects.

They have also influenced a number of other bands.

Guitar player Joe Koontz has formed a new band called Nobody's Hero, with members of The Vandals and Guajiro. Trombonist Fin Leavell is now fronting the band Nightswim. Drummer Macbeth Proenza also formed a new band called Hit, Play!, with former members of Polly Esther.


Albums List

1) All Fall Down (1998)

Against All Authority album 1.jpg

2) 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (2000)

Against All Authority album 2.jpg

3) Nothing New for Trash Like You (2001)

Against All Authority album 3.jpg

4) The Restoration of Chaos & Order (2006)

Against All Authority album 4.jpg


1) Exchange split EP w/ The Criminals (1999)

Against All Authority ep 1.jpg

2) Against All Authority / Common Rider split (2005)

Against All Authority ep 2.jpg

7" Singles

1) Above The Law 7" (1994)

2) Less Than Jake/Against All Authority split 7" (1995) Destroy What Destroys You (1996)

3) Reject (split 7" w/ Anti‐Flag) (1996)

4) -AAA- & The Pist split 7" (1996)

Members & Past Members Name Check

  • Danny Lore – Bass and Vocals
  • Joe Koontz – Guitar and Backing Vocals
  • Joey Jewkes - Trumpet
  • Craig Malzacher - Trumpet
  • Fin Leavell – Trombone
  • Spikey Goldbach – Drums
  • Jeremy Kaiser – Trumpet
  • Tim "FarOut" Pagones - Trombone
  • Tim Coats - Saxophones
  • Kris King - Drums
  • Macbeth Proenza – Drums
  • Jason Lederman – Drums
  • Alan Veronese – Trumpet
  • Marcio "Grim" - Drums
  • Sid Goldberger - Drums
  • Millan Aguero - Drums

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