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Alexisonfire (pronounced "Alexis on fire") is a five-piece Canadian Post-Hardcore / Screamo / Hardcore band that formed out of St. Catharines, Ontario in 2001.

They describe their music as "the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight" (a reference to their song "A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles", also the inspiration for their debut album cover art).


When the band came out of the underground like an "utterly captivating car-accident-in-progress" in late 2001, it was enough to impress critics as well as earning their self-titled debut album a gold certification in Canada.

The band has released three subsequent successful studio albums since then: Watch Out! in 2004, Crisis in 2006, and Old Crows/Young Cardinals in 2009, each achieving platinum certification in their native country. Plus three special edition live albums from Manchester Academy, Birmingham Academy, and Brixton Academy. Their accolades include a 2005 Juno Award for New Group of the Year.

In August 2011, George posted a message to fans on the band's official website stating that, following the departure of two members, he would issue several special releases and complete a farewell tour before parting ways.

On March 9, 2015 the band announced a reunion tour, their first since their farewell tour in 2012, including dates at Reading and Leeds festivals, Sonic Boom, Heavy Montréal, X-Fest and Riot Fest. On September 19, 2015, at Riot Fest, the band announced their official reunion, though in a post on their official Facebook page the band clarified despite the fact they were "as good friends as they had ever been", there were "no immediate plans" for the future.

Albums List

1) Alexisonfire (2002)

Alexisonfire 1.jpg

2) Watch Out! (2004)

Alexisonfire 2.jpg

3) Crisis (2006)

Alexisonfire 3.jpg

4) Old Crows / Young Cardinals (2009)

Alexisonfire 4.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Dallas Green – clean vocals, piano, rhythm guitar (2001–2010; 2012; 2015–present)
  • Wade MacNeil – lead guitar, backing vocals (2001–2011; 2012; 2015–present)
  • George Pettit – unclean vocals (2001–2011; 2012; 2015–present)
  • Chris Steele – bass guitar (2001–2011; 2012; 2015–present)
  • Jordan Hastings – drums, percussion (2005–2011; 2012; 2015–present)
  • Jesse Ingelevics – drums, percussion (2001–2005)

Touring Member

Kenny Bridges – bass (2008)

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