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Also known as - Exophilia, an Exophilic is someone with a love of strange, new, extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, or otherwise non-human life-forms, could possibly be crossed over with Technosexuality.

It can be considered as a sexual form of Neophilia. People with exophilia have a desire to be with non-human life forms.

It also is linked to the belief of otherworldly entities, energies, and/or beings, myths from other cultures tell of spirit/alien/demigod/etc. couplings with humans that are sexual in nature, which gives hint that perhaps at one time exophilia was possibly more common, this might even give some kudos to the Conspiracy Theory about Reptilians.

We all know that plenty of people have a soft spot for men and women from exotic lands, but an Exophilic will save these soft spots for beings from exotic planets. This would mean that X-Files, Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5 are all bigger turn ons for them than anything you'd find in an adult video store.

Unlike Spetrophiles, most Exophiles don't claim to have had experience with alien life forms, but they do find the experience to be intriguing, which is why there are a plethora of alien sex fetish websites online to help inspire arousal for these people.