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Info and Intro

Alien Sex Fiend formed in 1982 in London, England. They were a key part of the early Gothic Rock scene which came out of the Batcave club run by Olli Wisdom of Specimen and have been a significant influence on various genres since then. Their music defies any conventional genre labels; it is a synthesised brain melting bombardment of psychotropic samples and maniacal vocals with a flamboyant theatrical horror coating. The band primarily consists of Nik Fiend (vocals) and Mrs Fiend (keyboards, samples) though other members have played with them over the years such as Yaxi Highrizer, Johnny Ha-Ha, RatFink and Doc Milton.


About their formation, Nik Fiend noted in a 2010 interview with The Quietus that "The Batcave was the perfect place to lay the golden egg. It fitted with the way we were thinking at that time: it was almost like the club had been invented specially for us. At that time [1982] we were into The Cramps, Bauhaus, Killing Joke and The Birthday Party, and watching B-movies on TV or at The Scala cinema in King’s Cross. I didn’t want to compete with those things - I wanted to do OUR version of them. The Batcave was a hybrid of all of those things plus Glam Rock".

Alien Sex Fiend played their first gig on December 1st 1982 and were an immediate hit - fans included Nick Cave, members of Sisters of Mercy and The March Violets, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and David Bowie.

Not content with merely creating an impressive collection of albums, Alien Sex Fiend have over the years branched out into other media. In 1994 they composed a computer game soundtrack for "Inferno - The Odessey Continues" and in 1996 they formed 13th Moon Records which gave them the independence to puch their bizarre sound even further. Over the years they have also produced the much sought after "Fiendzine" and various video recordings which have since been released on DVD. Their album artwork has been exclusively produced by Nik Fiend who as a self-trained artist has exhibited and sold work around the world.

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Album List


  • Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain? (1983)
  • Acid Bath (1984)
  • Maximum Security (1985)
  • The First Alien Sex Fiend Compact Disc (1986)
  • It - The Album (1986)
  • The Impossible Mission Mini-LP (1987)
  • Here Cum Germs (1987)
  • Another Planet (1998)
  • Curse (1990)
  • Open Head Surgery (1992)
  • The Legendary Batcave Tapes (1993)
  • Inferno (1994)
  • Nocturnal Emissions (1997)
  • Nocturnal Emissions [Special Edition] (2000)
  • Information Overload (2004)
  • Death Trip (2010)


  • Liquid Head In Tokyo (1985)
  • Too Much Acid? (1989)
  • The Altered States Of America (1993)
  • Flashbacks! [Live 1995-98] (2001)


  • All Our Yesterdays (1988)
  • Drive My Rocket (1994)
  • I'm Her Frankenstein (1995)
  • The Singles 1983-1995 (1995)
  • Wardance Of The Alien Sex Fiend (1998)
  • The Batcave Masters (1998)
  • Fiend At The Controls Vol 1 + 2 (1999)
  • The Best Of Alien Sex Fiend (2001)
  • The Very Best Of Alien Sex Fiend (2005)
  • Para-Abnormal (2006)
  • R.I.P - A 12" Collection (2008)
  • Between Good And Evil [The Collection] (2013)

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