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An American Rock / Emo / Pop Punk / Power Pop band formed out of Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999.

The band consists of;-

  • Lead Guitarist and backing vocalist - Nick Wheeler
  • Lead Vocalist and bassist - Tyson Ritter
  • Rhythm Guitarist and backing Vocalist - Mike Kennerty
  • Drummer - Chris Gaylor

Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritter are the band's songwriters; Wheeler is the primary composer and Ritter is the main lyricist.


The group achieved mainstream success with their debut self-titled studio album The All-American Rejects, released in 2003 on the Dreamworks Records label. The album was certified double platinum by the RIAA and spawned the single "Swing, Swing".

The band's second studio album Move Along brought the group further mainstream success in 2005, producing the hit singles, "Dirty Little Secret", "Move Along" and "It Ends Tonight", all of which charted in the top fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while Move Along was certified double platinum by the RIAA.

Their third studio album When the World Comes Down was released in 2008 and was later certified platinum by the RIAA. Its lead single "Gives You Hell" became The All-American Rejects' most successful song to date, peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the top 5 in many other countries. "Gives You Hell" was certified 4× multi-platinum for sales of over 4 million in the United States by the RIAA.

Kids in the Street, the band's fourth studio album, was released March 26, 2012 and debuted at number 18 on the US Billboard 200 chart. On October 30, 2015, the group released a new single named "There's a Place".

The All-American Rejects have sold over 10 million albums worldwide. They were ranked No. 73 on the "Hot 100 Artists of the 2000s" and No. 183 on the "Billboard 200 Artists of the Decade" list.


Studio Albums

1) The All-American Rejects (2002)

All A rejects 1.jpg

2) Move Along (2005)

All A rejects 2.jpg

3) When the World Comes Down (2008)

All A rejects 3.jpeg

4) Kids in the Street (2012)

All A rejects 4.jpg


1) Same Girl, New Songs (Summer 2001, Self-released, Format: Compact Disc)

2) The Bite Back EP (December 13, 2005, Label: Interscope, Digital Download)

3) Gives You Hell: The Remixes (February 3, 2009, DGC / Interscope, Download)

4) The Wind Blows: The Remixes (June 2, 2009, DGC / Interscope, Download)

5) I Wanna: The Remixes (August 11, 2009, DGC / Interscope, Download)

6) Flatline EP (November 13, 2012, DGC / Interscope, Download)

7) Sweat EP (July 7, 2017, DGC / Interscope, Download)

Singles List

  1. 2002 "Swing, Swing"
  2. 2003 "The Last Song"
  3. 2003 "Time Stands Still"
  4. 2005 "Dirty Little Secret"
  5. 2006 "Move Along"
  6. 2006 "It Ends Tonight"
  7. 2008 "Gives You Hell"
  8. 2009 "The Wind Blows"
  9. 2009 "I Wanna"
  10. 2012 "Beekeeper's Daughter"
  11. 2012 "Kids in the Street"
  12. 2012 "Heartbeat Slowing Down"
  13. 2015 "There's a Place"
  14. 2017 "Sweat"

Members Name Check

  • Tyson Ritter – lead vocals, bass guitar, piano (1999–present)
  • Nick Wheeler – lead guitar, backing vocals (2001–present); drums, percussion (1999–2001)
  • Mike Kennerty – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2001–present)
  • Chris Gaylor – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2002–present)
  • Jesse Tabish – lead guitar, vocals (1999–2001)
  • Tim Campbell – drums, percussion (2001–2002)

Touring Members

  • Scott "Scotty" Chesak – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, guitar, percussion, bass guitar (2011–present)
  • Timothy Jordan II – keyboards, backing vocals, guitar, percussion (2005)
  • Nick Foxer – keyboards, backing vocals, guitar (2006)
  • Butch Walker – bass guitar, backing vocals (2006)
  • Kevin "Toad" Saulnier – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, percussion, guitar (2006–2011)
  • Ethan Novak – bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar (2007–2011)
  • Matt Rubano – bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar, keyboards (2011–2016)

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