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Gothic originals.

All About Eve, AKA The Swarm, were a band from the UK, with a strong Gothic following, although whether they should be shoved into that genre or not, we'd rather leave up to you, some have even described them as Folk, others would put them into the general bracket of "Alternative Rock", and Shoegaze has been another reference.


Commercially, their biggest commercial success was "Martha's Harbour" in 1988, but their successful career ran from 1984–1993, and then again from 1999–2004, and during these times, they had four UK Top 50 albums.

Julianne Regan, a former journalist, played bass in an early line-up of the Gothic Rock group Gene Loves Jezebel. before leaving to join All About Eve, previously known as the Swarm. The band's name was taken from the 1950 film starring Bette Davis. The initial core of All About Eve was Regan, guitarist Tim Bricheno, and bassist Andy Cousin. As a three-piece (plus a drum machine), they released a series of independent singles in the mid-1980s including "D for Desire" (1985), "In the Clouds" (1986) and "Flowers in Our Hair" (1987) that were partially based on an ethereal gothic sound, sometimes compared to the music of the Cocteau Twins and Siouxsie & The Banshees.

After Regan sang backing vocals for The Mission's God's Own Medicine album, the band received greater attention and were signed to Phonogram. Drummer Mark Price was added around this time.


Studio Album List

1) All About Eve (1988)

All About Eve 1988.jpg

2) Scarlet and Other Stories (1989)

All About Eve scarlet.jpg

3) Touched by Jesus (1991)

All About Eve touched.jpg

4) Ultraviolet (1992)

All About Eve ultraviolet.jpg

EPs List

  1. 1990 Thirteen
  2. 1992 Phased
  3. 2002 Iceland

Singles List

  1. 1985 "D for Desire"
  2. 1986 "In the Clouds"
  3. 1987 "Our Summer"
  4. 1987 "Flowers In Our Hair"
  5. 1987 "In the Clouds"
  6. 1988 "Wild Hearted Woman"
  7. 1988 "Every Angel"
  8. 1988 "Martha's Harbour"
  9. 1988 "What Kind of Fool"
  10. 1989 "Road to Your Soul"
  11. 1989 "December"
  12. 1990 "Scarlet"
  13. 1991 "Farewell Mr. Sorrow"
  14. 1991 "Strange Way"
  15. 1991 "The Dreamer"
  16. 1992 "Phased"
  17. 1992 "Some Finer Day"
  18. 2004 "Let Me Go Home"
  19. 2006 "Keepsakes"

Members Name Check

The heart of the band consisted of;-

  • Coventry born Julianne Regan on vocals
  • Huddersfield born Andy Cousin on bass guitar
  • Other members would change over the years.
  • Julianne Regan
  • Andy Cousin
  • Tim Bricheno
  • Mark Price
  • Marty Willson-Piper
  • James Richard Jackson
  • Manuela Zwingman
  • Warne Livesey
  • Rik Carter
  • Del Hood
  • Robin Guy

Toni Haimi

  • Ben Savigear