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Design Concepts

  1. The home page for Alternative Things will display:
    • The core logo, shopping basket and quick-links.
    • The top 8 categories, which have drop-down menus to select sub-categories as appropriate.
    • A slideshow containing featured products in higher resolution images.
      • If no featured products are currently available, the slideshow instead contains 12 thumbnail logos for the top 12 stores. (This may be better placed as the default prefernce as it'll increase exposure to the list of available stores.)
      • If featured products are available, then the top 5 stores' logos will be displayed, with the ability to "see more stores"
  2. A top X store or product is a randomly selected store/product out of the X*2 stores/products which are the most popular in terms of sales (by unit, not by cost).


  • What is the best way of displaying all stores so that users can find the right 'kind' of products in the easiest way?