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They began in 1997 formed out of Kalamazoo MI doing a hard edge Gothic/Industrial mixture of genre influence.


Amaranth have played shows with such bands as Razed in Black, Switchblade Symphony, Thought Industry, and The Ruiners.

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In 2005 they went their separate ways until 2018 when singer Ken Magerman resurrected the project with a new lineup of Collin Schipper, Kam Thomas, and Derek Mechinger. They released a full length album "Spreading The Charred Remains of Hope" featuring the single Ghost in the Rain.

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Since their return they have played with bands like Twin Tribes, Panic Priest, Lorelei Dreaming.

In 2020 they did an enormous compilation called "Tiny Gods Who Walk Beside US" with a staggering amount of talent in an effort to save Ken's cat diagnosed with cancer.

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A new EP is due out by the end of 2020 featuring 5 new tracks and 5 new remixes. Amaranth is using it's tongue and cheek style to make Goth fun again.

Press Quotes

Dark Wave Publications Said

"The notes in the intro delicately drip through your brain, and when the guitar comes in, watch out. It’s seriously a great pay off. And, of course, Ken’s vocals are the icing on top of this amalgamation-cake of electronic-gothic rock-new wave … oh, I’ve run out of genres to describe it with. Just trust me. Amaranth’s versatile sound should most-likely appeal to you. Personally, I found it to be inspiring and worthy of repeat listens (Hell, it’s worthy of space on my car’s USB drive. Now that’s an honor). And as an artist, that’s what matters the most to me–wanting to hear those songs again."

Goth/Postpunk Revival Said

"Amaranth contribute one of the album’s strongest tracks with For Freyja which begins with a low-fi mandolin and guitar introduction before erupting into a NIN-worthy heavy industrial chorus, with the blogger cathartically outing his feelings about his beloved pet in a raw but genuinely moving manner."

White Light White Heat Said

"I feel a little uncomfortable writing about a band from a guy I know, but I turn my focus on the deadly energy and passion radiated from the supremely tight rhythm section and swirling soul-piercing guitar melodies that shapeshift, spark and chime in the best Billy Duffy way over evocative epic vocals hooking you relentlessly into their catchy shadowy haze. Aptly mastered by the excellent Kill Shelter man Peter Burns, an infectious earworm of a single."

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