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Aggrotech and Industrial inspired act.


Amduscia were founded in 1999 out of Mexico City.

Unfortunately, in March 2010, Edgar Acevedo passed away due to medical complications associated with leukemia.

Their music has been described as Aggrotech and they have cited influences from Dark Ethereal, Darkwave, Cyberpunk, Old Skool Electronic Body Music, to newer style such as Synthpop and Futurepop.

They have been compared to Hocico and Cenobita on their early releases, but by fusing the darker style with contemporary Trance music approach led them to a style of their own and to gather a growing fanbase in Mexico and Europe, mostly in Germany, appearing at festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen, M'era Luna Festival and a shared European tour with Combichrist.

Members Name Check

  • Polo Amduscia (vocals, lyrics, sampling)
  • Edgar "Amduscia" Acevedo (synth programming, sampling, mixing)

Past Members

  • Raul Montelongo (Lyrics and live keyboards)
  • Karlos Hernandez Cordoba (keyboards and sampling)

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