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An American Hip Hop / Rap group started in 1999 and mentored by Oli "Power" Grant and Raekwon.


Raekwon featured American Cream Team on two songs on his second album Immobilarity and much of that album was produced by Triflyn.

They were notably a clan member's first offspring crew.

The group also made several appearances on mixtapes and compilations, including a track titled "It's Not A Game" on the soundtrack to the film Black and White which was played over the film's credits, and a track on Funkmaster Flex's The Mix Tape, Vol. III mixtape.

Members of the group also made appearances on albums by Rae's fellow Clansmen Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele. In fact, after 50 Cent dissed the Wu, along with others, on his infamous track "How to Rob", it was Polite and Lord Superb of Cream Team to respond with a track called "Who the Fuck is 50 Cent?" followed by Raekwon's Clyde Smith skit off of Ghostface's album. Before Chip Banks's death, he has worked on several songs "Ain't Nobody" (featuring Billystone), "Club Life", "Everywhere We Go", "Hold Your Head", "Heavyweight Champion", "World Order" (featuring Outlawz), "Flashbacks" & "Niggas Don't Die". After the loss of member Chip Banks in a 2000 shooting on December 9 with the gunman over a money dispute, the group split up. Like many Wu affiliates, American Cream Team completed an album "Only In America" but it has never been released (the album was even advertised in the liner notes of other Wu-Tang releases). Since then, Lord Superb & Twiz have been incarcerated, though both were finally able to release a few official mixtapes. Rhyme Recka continues to record solo material and released an album titled The Autobiography of Rapper X in 2008.

MembersName Check

  • Chip Banks (died 2000)
  • Polite (who would join Rae's second group Ice Water Inc.)
  • Lord Superb (who was featured on Rae and Ghost albums)
  • Twiz (who would later become part of Ghost's Theodore Unit)
  • Triflyn
  • RhymeRecka

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