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Info and Intro

Richard David James, born 1971, known publicly as Aphex Twin.


He's a British electronic composer, who was once described by The Guardian as "the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music", and is the co-founder of Rephlex Records, this label he co-founded with Grant Wilson-Claridge.

Aphex Twin's album Selected Ambient Works 85-92 was called the best album of the 1990s by FACT Magazine.

He has also released a number of EPs under the pseudonym "AFX" from 1991 to 2005 including the Analogue Bubblebath series of EPs. In 2007, he also released some materials anonymously under the title "The Tuss" leading to a lot of speculations. The Tuss's material included Confederation Trough EP and Rushup Edge. He eventually confessed to being the artist behind "The Tuss".

In addition to Rephlex, Richard James has released Aphex Twin records on other labels, these being Warp, R&S, Sire, Mighty Force, Rabbit City and Men Records.

Following some public sightings of the Aphex Twin logo in London, UK, and New York City, USA, in August 2014, the Aphex Twin Twitter account confirmed the release of Syro, his sixth studio album. Following a subsequent press release, Syro was officially released on 23 September 2014 through the Warp music label.

Genre and our theory

Aphex Twin could well be dropped into the bracket of Ambient Techno/Ambient House, Techno, or just simply Ambient, but the majority of the Aphex Twin fanbase would cite him as so much more, almost a genre all of his own. We at Altopedia, think that Aphex Twin should be thought of as being alongside the great Classical composers, as well as the likes of Brian Eno, and John Cage.

Some Discography

An entire discography would be very hard to put together, but below is a selection, best we could find.

Studio Albums List as Aphex Twin

1) Selected Ambient Works 85–92 (1992)

Aphex Twin 1.jpg

2) Selected Ambient Works Volume II (1994)

Aphex Twin 2.jpg

3) ...I Care Because You Do (1995)

Aphex Twin i-care-because-you-do.jpg

4) Expert Knob Twiddlers (1996)

Aphex Twin 4.jpg

5) Richard D. James Album (1996)

Aphex Twin 5.jpg

6) Drukqs (2001)

Aphex Twin 6.jpg

7) Syro (2014)

Aphex Twin 7.jpg

Albums List as Polygon Window

1) Surfing On Sine Waves (1993)

Polygon Window Surfing On Sine Waves.jpg

Albums as Caustic Window

1) Compilation (1998)


2) Caustic Window (2014)

Caustic window2.jpg


1) Chosen Lords (2006)


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