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A Rock band from the UK. Forming in 2010 out of Nottingham and relocating to Bristol in 2012.


They have released three EPs, a number of singles, two albums, worked with some of the world’s biggest YouTube channels, written intros for cartoons and animes and played gigs to thousands of people.

Area 11 are known for their high-energy and varied sound, they take influence from both Western and Eastern culture.

Musical Styles

The band's sound consists mostly of heavy guitars (including 7-stringed guitars) but also makes sutble use of synthesizers, orchestral sections and electronic effects. In contrast to this many songs contain acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars and emotional piano melodies.

In their earlier records, Area 11's sound commonly blended Rock and Heavy Metal styles of guitar with aspects of Japanese music including J-pop, this sound they referred to by the tongue-in-cheek name, gaijin rock as "gaijin" in Japanese means "foreigner". However, they have also been described as Alternative Rock, Metalcore, Electronicore, Pop Punk and Neo-Progressive Rock.



1) All the Lights in the Sky (Released: 31 January 2013, Label: Smihilism Records)

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2) Modern Synthesis (Released: 1 July 2016, Label: Smihilism Records)

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1) Blackline (Released: 3 September 2011, Label: Breaking the Boredom)

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2) Underline (Released: 2 November 2014, Label: Smihilism Records)

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3) Let It Resonate (Released: 9 December 2016, Label: Smihilism Records)

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Singles List

  1. 2012 "Knightmare/Frame"
  2. 2013 "Shi No Barado"(featuring Beckii Cruel)
  3. 2013 "GO!! Fighting Action Power"
  4. 2013 "Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill"
  5. 2014 "Homunculus"
  6. 2015 "Override [B]"
  7. 2015 "Versus"
  8. 2016 "Watchmaker"
  9. 2016 "The Contract"

Members Name Check

  • Tom 'Sparkles*' Clarke - lead vocals, keys/synths
  • Alex 'Parv' Parvis - guitar, backing vocals
  • Jonathan 'Kogie' Kogan - bass, saxophone, backing vocals
  • Leo Taylor - drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Luke Owens – guitar, backing vocals (2010-2012)
  • Tim Yearsley - bass (2010-2011)

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