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An independent alternative Punk band formed out of Bristol, UK with attitude and style the likes of New Years Day, plus 180 bpm wails of horror that channel a modern version of old-school AFI-meets-Aiden-meets-The Used with the added heaviness of The Misfits.


Their newly solidified six-piece incarnation makes the band's previous work feel like mere practice leading up to the fully realized moment that is their new, genre-defying EP, 'The Unreliable Narrator.'

When vocalist Adam Crilly implores he "never wanted anything but tragic songs to sing" on the EP's first single "Tragic Songs," it's not mere poetry—it's the band's lifeblood.

The band have received critical acclaim such as a nomination for Best British Newcomer at the 2015 Relentless Kerrang! Awards, voted as a 2015 Best British Newcomer by Rock Sound, and named one of 12 bands you need to know for January 2016 by Alternative Press


Studio Albums List

1) Most Beautiful Things Are Dead (Released: 12 February 2010)

Ashestoangels 1.jpg

2) With Tape And Needles (Released: 26 August 2013)

Ashestoangels 2.jpg

3) Horror Cult (Released: 31 October 2014)

Ashestoangels 3.jpg

4) How To Bleed (Released: 18 April 2016)

Ashestoangels 4.jpg

EPs List

1) The Wake (Released: 20 April 2015)

Ashestoangels ep1.jpg

2) The Winter Split (with As Sirens Fall, Released: 9 December 2016)

Ashestoangels ep2.jpg

3) The Unreliable Narrator (Released: 13 December 2016)

Ashestoangels ep3.jpg

Members Name Check

  • Adam Crilly
  • Adam Falkor
  • Jim Baber
  • Chris Kiddier
  • Josh Jones
  • Nikki Kontinen

Past Members

  • Nico Venere
  • Kai Draven
  • Davey Wilkinson

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