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Intro and Info

Cyberpunk and Industrial legends, Atari Teenage Riot.

Formed out of Berlin, Germany, during 1992, they fit fight into the Hardcore Dance world, as well as Hardcore, Techno, Punk, Drum n Bass, Industrial, Heavy Metal, and Noize.

Their name came from a Portuguese Joe song entitled "Teenage Riot" from the album "Teen-age Riot", with the word 'Atari' added as an Atari ST computer was used to create compositions.

Highly politically charged, they took elements of anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi, and fused those with Punk vocals and the, at the time, newly emerging Techno sound called "Digital Hardcore, which is a term band member Alec Empire used as the name of his own record label.

Studio Albums List

1) Delete Yourself! (originally titled 1995) (DHR 1995)

ATR-Delete Yourself!.jpg

2) The Future of War (DHR 1997)

ATR-The Future of War.png

3) 60 Second Wipe Out (DHR 1999)


4) Is This Hyperreal? (DHR 2011)

ATR Is This Hyperreal.jpg

5) Reset (DHR 2014)


Members Name Check

  • Alec Empire
  • Nic Endo
  • Rowdy Superstar
  • Hanin Elias
  • Carl Crack

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