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Atlantic Soul, or Atlantic Records is a major influence on the whole world of Soul and Rhythm and Blues, with many artist being credited to this wonderful label/style of music, although Atlantic was more than just a one genre label, they also got involved with signing the likes of Cream and Led Zeppelin

Their Soul recordings tended to have smaller line ups and were also marked by expressive gospel-tinged vocals, often combined with Brass instruments.

Much of what is known as modern Soul should be credited to Atlantic, a lot of what we know through movies like "the Blues Brothers" and "the Commitments" was Atlantic, although often gets refereed to as Motown, Memphis soul is something else worth investigating.

They're probably best known for producing high-quality dance records with such singers as;-
Aretha Franklin, who's produced more than 100 albums and we're sure you can't name any of them

Otis Redding, one of the greatest influence on Soul in the history of ever

Wilson Pickett, an amazing crossover artist, being an influence Soul as well as Rhythm and Blues