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Who are they?

Attackhead is a Southern California based Thrash Metal band that is comprised of Mark Chapman (Lead Vocals, Lead guitar), George Portoulas (Lead guitar, Backing vocals), Eddie "Munster" Ellis (Bass, Backing vocals), and Steve Cordero (Drums).

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2004 - Attackhead released their first EP titled "Destruction and Pain".

2008 - Attackhead released its full length debut CD titled “Voices in the Dark” in early 2008 That Debut CD received radio airplay on over 50 Internet and Terrestrial stations worldwide, from the UK, Canada, Belgium and Greece to Mexico, Germany and Argentina.

In April 2010 Attackhead headed to Twisted Hillbilly studios in Tennessee to record a revised version of "Voices in the Dark". The new recording contained two new tracks along with better production. The album was mixed and mastered at Buzzbomb Soundlabs in Southern California and re-released in July 2011.The vinyl version of the album was later released in early 2012


Attackhead intense playing and dark themes have led to endorsements by Spider Energy Drink, Tsunami Cables, Coffin Case, Spear Guitars, TRX Cymbals, Jim Dunlop, Rock and Roll GangStar Apparel, SKB cases, Meteoro Amplifiers and Electro Voice.

Attackhead Style

The bands trademark is fiery interplay and seamless mix between the electric guitars of Chapman and Portoulas, the fast hands of drummer Steve Cordero and the crushing grooves of bassist Eddie "Munster" Ellis.

They tour extensively in the United States and Worldwide, having performed alongside metal legends Anthrax, Motörhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Heathen and many others. They have undoubtably earned their features in numerous magazines and webzines worldwide.

Attackhead in the movies

Attackhead's song "Dark Ritual" is featured in a indie short film out of the UK titled "Killzone" which was released in Sept 2011.

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