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Info and Intro

An Electroclash duo from Miami, Florida, and based out of New York City, they were;-

  • Debbie D. (Debbie Attias)
  • Daphne D. (Daphne Gomez-Mena)

They were protégés of Larry Tee, and performed at his parties.

The music they produced was energetic/humorous/sexually explicit, and mixed up Hip Hop, Electro, and New Wave.

Reviews and Quotes

Some of their quality was summed up well in some of the reviews they received;-

  • In 2002 The New York Times, journalist Kelefa Sanneh quoted, "The concert also featured no fewer than four white female rappers, all of whom reduced love and lust to a series of anatomical slogans. The most entertaining was Avenue D, a local duo. The two women shouted lyrics that let potential lovers know exactly what they wanted, and they wore barely-there outfits that made it easy for them to turn their demands into dance moves."

  • Agence France-Presse gave a favorable review to a 2003 performance, "From the sharp wit, dirty lyrics and rump shaking of Avenue D and their scantily-panty-clad dancers to the twinkling light suit and homage to machines by My Robot Friend, the range in style, sound and concept was enormous."

  • The Honolulu Advertiser observed - "Bad girls: Every music genre has its foul-mouthed instigators. Rap had 2 Live Crew. Alt-Rock had L7. Classical had Mozart. And Electroclash? It has New York-based Avenue D. Imagine J.J. Fad and Stacey Q mixing up their '80s-era synth beats with profanity-laden tales of anonymous sex, promiscuous peers and, well, more anonymous sex. Daphne D and Debbie D are all that, some fluorescent pink lycra and a roll of duct tape."

  • In a September 2005 review of the group for The Herald, Rachel Devine wrote - "Debbie D and Daphne D of Avenue D deserve to be queens of the electro scene. Not since Bananarama has a girl group exuded such effortless sexual energy in the pursuit of making music that runs the scale from the ridiculous to the sublime.

  • Michael Hamersly of The Miami Herald characterized songs "Do I Look Like a Slut?" and "The Sex That I Need" as "raunchy anthems".

  • In a later piece for The Miami Herald, journalist Tom Bowker described Avenue D as "the female Latina version of 2 Live Crew".


Albums List

1) Grade D Beef (2002)

AvenueD 1.jpg

2) Bootleg (2004)

AvenueD 2.jpg

3) As Free as We Wanna Be (2005)

AvenueD 3.jpg

4) Totally Magic (2007)

AvenueD 4.jpg

Extended Plays

1) 2D2F E.P. (2005)

AvenueD ep 1.jpg

2) Eurawesome! (2006)

AvenueD ep 2.jpg

Box Sets

1) Totally Magic/Grade D Beef/D Sides (2008)

Singles List

  1. "The Sex That I Need"/"Dancin'" (2003)
  2. "Do I Look Like a Slut?" (2004)
  3. "You Love This Ass" (2005)

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