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An Indie/Rock/Punk band formed out of Glasgow, Scotland, during 2012.


The band share their name with a T.Rex track from the 1972 album The Slider. However, there are conflicting reports as front man Johnny Madden states in an interview with Guestlist says, "unlike people think we actually made the name up and it really stuck, and then we realised it was a T-Rex song."

The three-piece from north Glasgow were friends for years. "Creating Baby Strange was a great way to show off our creative side which we didn’t have the opportunity to do beforehand" says frontman Johnny Madden, as this band seems committed on bringing their contemporary Punk to the nation. A unique feature of Baby Strange is that the recording, videoing and artwork of all work is done by the band members themselves.

The band was formed in the summer of 2012, says frontman Johnny Madden. “We had no jobs, we were living for nothing. We were going out all the time, seeing the same faces, doing the same things." When we sing, "I’m tired of my generation", "we mean that we’re part of this generation, and we were bored by ourselves." With the help of Connaire’s 17-year-old brother at the time, Aidan on bass, the trio began writing “fast, snappy, in-and-out punk-rock songs” in their bedrooms.

The band all met at a community music group in Glasgow, and formed after a mad summer.

The band portrayed their different side in their clip on YouTube where they emerge blinking, done simply but memorably, to mark the release of 'Pure Evil' on May 27, 2014. '‘California Sun’' sees Baby Strange at their most confident in a pleas for sunshine by Jonny Madden's relentless, dark vocals.

Growing Success

The Glasgow band as of 2016 have been increasing their national reputation in the music industry, with the release of their 2015 single “Pleasure City”. The song itself has featured on the newly formed internet radio station Beats 1, on Apple Music, had strong BBC Radio 1 support from DJs such as Annie Mac & Huw Stephens, and was also played at Scotland’s national football stadium before the UEFA EURO Qualifiers Group stage match involving Scotland and Germany.

The band themselves have accompanied many other bands as a support, most notably however would be, Kent based Punk duo, Slaves. The band also went on tour with NME’s ‘best new band’ of 2013, Palma Violets. They have also toured with the likes of Swim Deep and Iceage.

In August 2013, they performed a short but very sharp session for BBC Radio Scotland's Vic Galloway. They performed two songs, Friend and Pure Evil.

Baby Strange's club night in The Priority Bar.png

Baby Strange's club night in The Priority Bar

The band had a midnight residency in Glasgow bar “Broadcast” for around 1 month. The price of entry for these concerts was to simply buy a Baby Strange badge which cost £3. The trio recently however have started their own club night at The Priory Bar in Glasgow called “Club Sabbath”. Baby Strange themselves feature on the night, usually providing a DJ set.

Baby Strange played their biggest headline show to date on Friday 9 October at Saint Luke’s, fresh from festival performances at Wickerman and Aviemore Stopover Festival.



1) Put Out (2004)

Baby strange 1.jpg

Singles List

  1. Pleasure City 2015
  2. Trouble 2015
  3. California Sun 2015
  4. VVV 2015
  5. Pure Evil 2013
  6. Luver 2013
  7. Distance Yourself 2014
  8. Friend 2013
  9. Never Enough 2013

Members Name Check

  • Johnny Madden (vocalist/guitarist)
  • Connaire McCann (drummer)
  • Aidan McCann (bass)

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