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An Anarcho-Punk/Pop band formed out of London, England.

Their music blends elements of Ska, Dub, Punk, and Electronic Dance Music.

BTTP also picked up a following within the world of the Grebo, Baggy, and early days of the Indie movements.


Back to the Planet aka BTTP formed while squatting together in Peckham, London in 1989, and attracted a following throughout the early 1990s.

They played four consecutive Glastonbury Festivals and played many free festivals, including the Deptford Urban Festival and the Castlemorton Common Festival in 1992.

BTTP were vociferous in their resistance to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 around this time and held events to protest the impending legislation.

Their first (cassette-only) album, Warning the Public, was released on their own label, Arthur Mix Records, based in Hither Green.

In 1993, the band signed to Parallel Records, and released a chain of singles, having minor hits with "Teenage Turtles" and "Daydream" as well as accompanying album Mind and Soul Collaborators.

Dropped from the label, BTTP split not long after the release of follow-up album, Messages After The Bleep in 1995, to pursue personal music projects.

BTTP performed a reunion gig at the Red Star Bar in Camberwell on 10 December 2006.

They also played at the Endorse It in Dorset Festival in August 2007, and the main stage at that year's Beautiful Days festival. BTTP then played the Paradise Gardens free festival, London, and at the Endorse It in Dorset, Solfest and Shambhala festivals in summer 2008.

The band appeared at Glastonbury, and EnDorset in Dorset during the summer of 2009, and played the Wickerman Festival in 2010.

They joined the Levelling the Land Part II tour, along with The Levellers and Dreadzone, in December 2011, headlined Rogues Picnic in May 2012, and played Bearded Theory festival the same month.

Back to the Planet made a late-night appearance at The Bimble Inn at Beautiful Days Festival on Friday 17 August 2012 and were confirmed to play Alchemy Festival in September 2013.

Still actively gigging, 2017 saw them play support to Senser


Albums List

1) Warning the Public (cassette only) (1991)

BTTP Warning.jpg

2) Earzone Friendly (cassette only) (1990)

BTTP Earzone.jpg

3) Mind and Soul Collaborators (1993)

BTTP Mind.jpg

4) A Potted History (compilation of early material) (1994)

BTTP A Potted.jpg

5) Messages After the Bleep (1995)

BTTP Messages.jpg

Singles List

  1. "Revolution of Thought" 12" (1992)
  2. "Please Don't Fight" (1993)
  3. "Teenage Turtles" (1993)
  4. "Daydream" (1993)
  5. "A Small Nuclear Device" (1995)

Members Name Check

  • Fil Walters (aka Fil Planet) – vocals
  • Guy McAffer (aka The Geezer) – keyboards
  • Carl Hendrickse (aka Carlos Fandango) – bass
  • Fraggle (Bernard Malcolm Clive Fletcher) – French bassoon
  • Henry Cullen (aka D.A.V.E. the Drummer) – drums
  • Alex Hore – guitar
  • Marshall Penn – guitar
  • Amir Mojarrad – drums

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