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Bebop is a sub genre of Jazz which can be identified by fast tempos and improvisational style musicianship, based more on the harmonic structure rather than melody. It grew out of the early to mid-1940s. It first achieved public and musicians attention during the first two years of the Second World War.

Bebop has also influenced the "Beat Generation" whose spoken-word style drew on Jazz rhythms, and whose poets often employed Jazz musicians to accompany them, quite possibly showing the early developments of Rap and Hip Hop.

The bebop influence also shows up in Rock n Roll, which contains solos employing a form similar to bop solos. The crowd who followed Bebop, in a similar way to the Hippies of the 60s and 70s, the Punk crowd of the later 70s, and the Rock n Roll followers of the 50s, the "boppers" had a unique, non-conformist style of dress, a vocabulary that made no sense to outsiders, and identified with each other through their music.

In later years, Hip Hop artists A Tribe Called Quest and a few others have cited bebop as an influence on their Rapping and Rhythmic Style.

Also, Roy Ayers and trumpeter Donald Byrd were featured on "Jazzmatazz", by "Guru", around the same time period, Bebop samples, especially bass lines, swing clips, and horn and piano riffs are found throughout the world of Hip Hop.