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Bella Lune originated when lead singer/songwriter Fuchsia Angel met former guitar player and songwriter Kal3id. After discovering they had similar tastes in music, Bella Lune took shape. The band's first album, 'Abstracted Visions', was released in 2007 on the band's own record label, Aetheria Music. The album drew comparisons by critics to bands like The Cure, The Birthday Massacre, Cocteau Twins, and Switchblade Symphony. 'Abstracted Visions' relies on delicate synth and guitar patterns to weave somber and ambient atmospheres. The band also released music videos for three songs--"Transmissions," "Neverwhere," and "Blissful Escape." Hurley was recruited in 2008 to play synths and help with production. The first live lineup of Bella Lune shared the stage with Ayria, The Crüxshadows, I:Scintilla, Lycia, Audra, The Captives, The Strand, Reliquary, Acidica, Hotel Hotel, Brian Botkiller, and Vertigo Venus.

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In early 2009, Bella Lune recruited a drummer, R. Duke, for their live show. They were the first band to open Tranzylvania, Phoenix’s largest goth club, on Friday the 13th of February. In April of 2009, Bella Lune released their second music video for the song ‘Transmissions’, which was also filmed and produced by Light Pulse Studios. They debuted the new video in front of a live audience on Friday, April 10th, 2009, with Voltaire and The Spider Hole on Voltaire’s ‘The Bottom Of The Sea’ tour. They also shared the stage with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult on May 1st at The Sets in Tempe, AZ and Julien-K (ex-Orgy) on May 11th at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. They opened for Peter Murphy at the Marquee Theatre on June 14th with a new violinist, Teresa (Esteban’s daughter), and backup drummer JJ. They debuted a new live guitarist, Divad, at the video premier party for the third music video Blissful Escape. Also on stage at the October 3rd show was Stripmall Architecture (formerly Halou) and Unwoman. Bella Lune opened for Bella Morte and Ego Likeness at Club Mardi Gras in Scottsdale on November 6th, 2009, and celebrated the release of the Dreamgaze CD, Fuchsia’s side project. The band continued to receive press from all over the world, and were even included in the UK book “Music To Die For” by NME Journalist Mick Mercer. The songs of Bella Lune were also included on three compilation CDs in 2009: Lunar Sea by Shinto Records, E Ditoria by Shinto Records, and Zoundbies by Zorch Records. Bella Lune also opened for Nitzer Ebb at the Marquee Theatre on December 16th, and confirmed both a California and Japanese tour for early 2010!


Bella Lune’s first show of 2010 was in San Francisco, CA with Stripmall Architecture and Razor Skyline. After playing to a sold out crowd in San Francisco, they headed to Hollywood to play at the legendary “Bar Sinister” with The Alacrity. Fuchsia contributed backup vocals to several songs for The Alacrity’s “Shapeshifter” album. After the California tour, Bella Lune picked up a new guitarist Jeremy aka Dy and headed for Japan! They played in Niigata, Japan with MuniMuni, 101A, and Emmuree as well as in Tokyo, Japan at Club Midnight Mess. The 9 hour event in Tokyo included Bella Lune, Seileen, Rose Noire, Rankor, DJ Oto, Mistress Maya, DJ Statik, Seiji Minus, Chaos Royale, DJ Sisen, and more. When they returned, they hosted a successful 2 room club night “Noir” at Martini Ranch, which featured Bella Lune, Stripmall Architecture, Unwoman, The Madera Strand, Beezlewood, 4 DJs, vendor booths, live artist Laechln, photo booth, etc. In the summer, they organized a charity benefit show at Chasers in Scottsdale, to assist abused children in need. The Alacrity, Zinforge, DJ Dark Mark, V!, Firespinners and Steam Synthetic joined the entertainment to help the cause. Bella Lune released their second album “Synesthesia”, which features 14 tracks, on July 24th and received praise from around the world. Bella Lune performed on October 9th at the AZ Fetish Ball, along with Regenerator and Icon Of Coil. They ended the year with a secret show with Ego Likeness and Chant at the Black and Tan.


In early 2011, Bella Lune began filming two music videos “Ophelia” and “The Dolly Pop Song” along with Light Pulse Studios. Fuchsia also contributed guest vocals to a song by the Shoegaze band ‘Ask For Joy’ from Austin, TX. Bella Lune hosted Phoenix’s first Batcave event to celebrate the release of “The Dolly Pop Song” music video. The event was a success with Bella Lune, Jeremiah Saint, Burlesque Dancers, Fire Spinners, Photo Booth, Raffle, Vendors Pierced Heart clothing, Torture Couture and Miss Construed Boutique as well as live art by Shayne, Lacheln and Aleta Welling. Bella Lune was also featured in a 10 page spread in Giuseppina Magazine and on Side Line Magazine’s Face The Beat Vol. 1 compilation by July. The song “Ophelia” was also included in the 2011 film “Paranoia” by director Bivas Biswas. Bella Lune headlined Club Sanctuary’s Tokyo Rebel event in September in Tucson, AZ. The band was featured by the Phoenix New Times with an interview and special acoustic performance of “Underwater”. In October, Bella Lune had released their “Ophelia Maxi Single” CD and a new music video for “Ophelia”. They were both debuted at their show with Voltaire, This Way To the Egress, and The Hellblinki Sextet. The 9 track maxi single was well received by the press internationally, and included a new remix by Daniel Myer (of Destroid and Haujobb) and a cover of Joy Division’s “Dead Souls”. Bella Lune then played the Festival of Flesh on October 15th. In December, Bella Lune opened for the legendary Ohgr (of Skinny Puppy) and Left Spine Down, and donated all of their proceeds from tickets and merch sales to HALO Animal Rescue, a no kill animal shelter in Arizona. Bella Lune also appeared in Bella Morte Magazine in December. By year end, they booked their first show in Europe, and will be performing at the Vampire Ball in Whitby England in October 2012!


In 2012, Bella Lune embarked on their first European Tour. They began the year opening for The Dreaming, an LA based band fronted by former Stabbing Westward vocalist, Christopher Hall, at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. They also opened for Covenant, Left Spine Down and The Break Up at The Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ in September. They hosted a European Tour benefit show with performances by The Captives, Miss Krystle, Burlesque dancers, DJ Manchester, DJ Beautiful John, and a photo booth by Dethroned on Oct. 6th at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, AZ. They completed their first European tour in October of 2012. Their first performance in Europe was in Berlin, Germany at CCCP with The Wars, The Shredder and DJ Sisen. They performed in Amsterdam, Netherlands at Club Noir Excess, along with darkwave group Sophya and Aztlan Zidonia at Volta. They performed in London, England at The London Stone with The Witching Hour and Dj Rex. The tour ended with a headline performance at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival’s Vampire Ball in Whitby, England, along with Winter In Eden, Method Cell, The Egmont Quartet, burlesque performers and Rosie Lugosi.

Heinz Ehlmann wrote about Bella Lune in Issue 74 of Gothic Magazine. The song "Ophelia" was included on the magazine's Gothic Compilation Part LIV. Lead singer, Fuchsia, was published in several fashion magazines in 2012, including Bella Morte Magazine, LA Hot Magazine, and Vedere Magazine.


In early 2013, Bella Lune released their third full length album “Secrets”. The third album saw a shift in direction, toning down the electronics and bringing a more organic sound to the forefront. The last track on the album is a live mix of “Transmissions,” featuring heavier guitars and percussion, as well as a violin outro. This is the last album to feature founding member Kal3id. “Secrets” continues to receive positive reviews and feedback from web publications such as Side-Line Magazine, Grave Concerns, Coma Music Magazine, Gothic Paradise and others. The CD release show at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, AZ in March featured performances by Bella Lune, Official Version, Fate Of The Galaxies and DJ Beautiful John. In April Bella Lune opened for Dope Stars Inc. and The Rabid Whole at 910 Live in Tempe, AZ. They also performed in July with Ikonoklast, The Iris, and Mankind Is Obsolete at Pub Rock in Scottsdale, AZ. Bella Lune was on the cover of and featured in the Fall edition of the dark alternative magazine Carpe Nocturne. Fuchsia was also on the cover of the Phoenix New Times in September 2013.


In 2014, Bella Lune contributed a song to the charity compilation 'DeathMass Six', to help feed hungry LGBT families. Fuchsia and Hurley spent most of the year in the studio writing and producing the album ‘Tranzendance’. Bella Lune joined forces with Mike Jenney, of Alter Der Ruine, who contributed percussion and additional production on the album. Fuchsia was featured in Freque magazine twice in 2014.

On January 31, 2015, Bella Lune released their fourth studio album Tranzendance, which incorporated more danceable, modern electronic elements to their sound. A portion of the proceeds from the album sales are being donated to, which helps elderly alzheimer's patients in nursing homes through music therapy. In June 2015, Bella Lune headlined a dark electronic showcase at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix. The band added a new visual element to their set for 2016, which was created by visual artist NyQ Bonaventura. In the fall of 2015, Bella Lune was included on Side Line Music Magazine's Face The Beat Vol. 2 compilation. They opened for Keep Shelley In Athens, from Greece, at Valley Bar in November 2015. Bella Lune was also included on the final 'DeathMass Six' charity compilation in December 2015.

In 2016, Fuchsia and Hurley began writing their fifth studio album, and teamed up with Michael Jenney again on drums. Fuchsia and Hurley also took to the dance floors in 2016, by contributing their DJ/mixing skills to events like Club Shadowplay, Cupcake, the AZ Vampire Ball, Cirque D'Kink, Grand Avenue Festival and Spellbound Burlesque's Wicked. Bella Lune performed live as a band at the Sinful Dreams fetish event in June, and brought back long time drummer, R. Duke, to be a guest for two special shows. They also added a new keyboardist, Lance, to the live band just on time for their show at Bar Sinister in LA on July 23. Lance's Arizona debut with Bella Lune will be at Club Red in Mesa, AZ on December 6th, opening for Toronto synthpop act Ayria and London based Inertia.

To be continued....

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Notable Bands/Artists/Performers/DJs Bella Lune has shared the stage with: Peter Murphy, Ogre, Covenant, Nitzer Ebb, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Icon of Coil, The Crüxshadows, Ayria, Voltaire, Icon of Coil, Stripmall Architecture (Halou), Bella Morte, Julien-K, Ego Likeness, Regenerator, Left Spine Down, Dope Stars Inc., The Break Up, Chant, Lycia, Audra, Seileen, Rankor, DJ Sisen, Rose Noire, I:Scintilla, MuniMuni, Dj Rex, 101A, Emmuree, The Alacrity, Jeremiah Saint, Versailles, Unwoman, Masumi Max, Inertia, Keep Shelley In Athens, and many more.

International Attention

Bella Lune has been published, reviewed or played on the radio in the following countries: Japan, England, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, Poland, Finland, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Australia, Peru, Argentina, Sweden, Turkey, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia and throughout the United States.

Press Attention

Bella Lune Radio Airplay, Reviews, Interviews & Press can be found at: Side-Line Magazine, ReGen Magazine, Cyber Angels, CKCU-FM Pure Radio Kaos, WFKU Radio New York, Giuseppina Magazine, Phoenix New Times, Music To Die For Book by Mick Mercer, LA Weekly, SF Weekly, East Bay Express,, Reflections Of Darkness, Grave Concerns, Gootti, Predilection AZ, Dark Planet/Dark Independent, Indie For Life, Japan Dark Navi, Bloodline 242′s Favorite Bloody Music, Fetish Falls, Torture Couture, Shinto Radio, Strangeways Radio, Club Sanctum, Club Shadowplay, Club Tranzylvania, Gothic Paradise Radio, Darkroom Magazine, Auralgasms, Obskure, Gothtronic, AZ Central, Subculture Shock Radio, The Requiem, Connexion Bizarre, Black Veil Club, Batcave Redemption Radio, Club Walpurgis, Get Out AZ, Metromix, Coma-Online Magazine, Sanctuary, Dark Wave Radio Wave, Eventful, Soft Synth, Gloomy Bands, The Fashionate Traveller, Nocturne UK, Tramp Shack, My Beloved Darkness, Sociedad Gotica, Electro Gothx, Steelberry Clones, Midnight Mess, AZ Fetish Ball, Dark and Gothic Lolita,, Synaptik Beat Radio, Needful Things Radio, Midnight Mass Radio, Paradise Lost Radio, Ominous Refrains Radio, Radio Dark Wave, Gothic News, Dark Grave, Black Vector Magazine, Twin Cities Underground, Lux Noctis, Night News, Dark Vision Of Electronic, Scoop News, Peek-A-Boo Music Magazine, and more.

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