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Please email any Altopedia specific requests to, pop them up on the Facebook group or pop them on the Discussion/Talk page (click the link Discussion to go there). All feedback is really appreciated - we want everyone to participate in making this online community as brilliant as it can be, so don't hold back with your thoughts and comments.

As progress is made on these items, an update will go up on the Discussion page, so add that page to your watchlist if you want to keep track of current changes.

  1. Add a button for 'Create Page'. Combine the go/search buttons to state 'search/create page'.
  2. Change all references of 'wiki' to 'Altopedia'
  3. Set up locally hosted user / help guides
  4. Add section to user guide to add search-create page section
  5. Change front page to be more like Wikipedia e.g. news-feeds (from other AP sites)
  6. Add image/uploads functionality
  7. Think about portals/main topic links (similar to Wikipedia)
  8. Add to user guide how to generate contents section and add headings
  9. Introduce namespaces (put into user guide explanation about namespaces)
  10. Introduce lock-down
  11. Include email registration
  12. Think about having each main link within a namespace appear on each page within that namespace
  13. Add content to privacy policy, about us and disclaimers sections
  14. Add Copyrights
  15. Improve usability (more buttons at the top of the edit box)
  16. Include site internal SEO (so users can add keywords and search by them), and have related links based on this appear at the bottom of the page
  17. Add note at top of site that links to beta test discussion page
  18. Add 'request access button'
  19. Add to registration and preferences sections the option to sign-up for email notifications (Altopedia & other sites)
  20. Find out what discussion pages actually do (and talk pages)
  21. Modify discussion pages into a forum type page (registered users only)
  22. Add button for 'is this page useful / helpful?' (maybe advice pages only?)
  23. Change name of site to Altopedia
  24. Add 'share this page' options to Facebook, twitter, alternative playground (AP one first)
  25. Add forwarding functionality (via email, to owner of page)
  26. Have a proper look at permissions (page owners can move, maybe delete, definitely edit, maybe give permissions to other users)
  27. Make it mobile phone friendly (DGL?, probably only need to worry about this once images are on)
  28. Find out the actual use of cookies within the site (will feed into part of privacy policy content)
  29. Investigate having to log-in twice (only through mobile phones)
  30. Make a checklist of which phones / browsers it has been tested on (Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Windows Phone / Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
  31. Investigate advertising / click-though
  32. Add to registration a 'terms and conditions of usage'
  33. Setup automated testing of site for browsers / mobile phone (low priority)
  34. Investigate 'related changes' link, how does it work, does it work properly
  35. Fix layout issue in Opera on Nokia (search buttons don't seem to look right)
  36. Add 'I confirm I'm over 18' check to the registration process (for future-proofing potentially adult material)
  37. Make all external links open in a new window, whereas, internal links to open in the same window
  38. If a user doesn't have 'edit' privileges and they search for a page that doesn't exist, the option to create a page appears for them (though if they follow the link, they can't actually create the page)
  39. Error received when uploading an .jpg file: "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to run external programs, passthru() is disabled."
  40. There is no session timeout (i.e. a user logged in doesn't get automatically logged out after a certain period of inactivity - typically 30 minutes or so)