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William Martin "Billy" Joel, born May 9, 1949, better known as simply Billy Joel.

He is an American pianist, singer/songwriter, and composer.

He has crossed over a number of genres, including Rock, Folk, Classical, Blues, Pop, and Rock n Roll


Since his first hit song, "Piano Man," in 1973, Joel has become the sixth best-selling recording artist and the third best-selling solo artist in the United States. His compilation album Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2 is one of the best-selling albums in the United States.

He has had Top 40 hits throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s, achieving 33 Top 40 hits in the United States, all of which he wrote himself. He is also a six-time Grammy Award winner, and has been nominated for 23 Grammy Awards throughout his career. He has sold more than 150 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Joel was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (1992), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1999), and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (2006). In 2001, he received the Johnny Mercer Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2013, Joel received the Kennedy Center Honors, the nation's highest honor for influencing American culture through the arts. With the exception of the 2007 songs "All My Life" and "Christmas in Fallujah," Joel stopped writing and releasing pop/rock material after 1993's River of Dreams. However, he continues to tour, and he plays songs from all eras of his solo career at his concerts.

Studio Albums List

1) Cold Spring Harbor (1971)

Billy Joel 1.jpg

2) Piano Man (1973)

Billy Joel 2.jpg

3) Streetlife Serenade (1974)

Billy Joel 3.jpg

4) Turnstiles (1976)

Billy Joel 4.jpg

5) The Stranger (1977)

Billy Joel 5.jpeg

6) 52nd Street (1978)

Billy Joel 6.jpg

7) Glass Houses (1980)

Billy Joel 7.jpg

8) The Nylon Curtain (1982)

Billy Joel 8.jpg

9) An Innocent Man (1983)

Billy Joel 9.jpg

10) The Bridge (1986)

Billy Joel 10.jpg

11) Storm Front (1989)

Billy Joel 11.jpg

12) River of Dreams (1993)

Billy Joel 12.jpg

13) Fantasies & Delusions (2001), classical compositions

Billy Joel 13.jpg

Billy Joel Band

The Billy Joel Band is his backing band, for both studio and live recordings. The band stabilised around '75 but has undergone several significant lineup changes beginning in the late 1980s and early 90s. Joel's touring band didn't begin playing on his records until he recorded the album Turnstiles in '76. This line-up included Richie Cannata on saxophones and organ, Liberty DeVitto on drums, Russell Javors on guitar, and Doug Stegmeyer on bass.

The band, which now no longer includes any of its original members, is often not recognised as a formal entity, and is instead referred to simply as Billy Joel's band.

Members Name Check

  • Billy Joel
  • Tommy Byrnes
  • Chuck Burgi
  • David Rosenthal
  • Mark Rivera
  • Crystal Taliefero
  • Carl Fischer
  • Andy Cichon
  • Michael DelGuidice
  • Richie Cannata
  • Liberty DeVitto
  • Doug Stegmeyer
  • Dave Lebolt
  • David Brown
  • Russell Javors
  • Jeff Bova
  • Jeff Jacobs
  • Patrick McDonald
  • Larry Russell
  • Rhys Clark
  • Don Evans
  • Al Hertzberg
  • Ron Tutt
  • Tom Whitehorse
  • Howard Emerson
  • Tom Wolk
  • Rudi Dobson
  • Schuyler Deale
  • Mindy Jostyn
  • Louis L. Gregory
  • David Santos

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